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April 2013, Volume 1, Number 2

Small businesses compete in e-commerce with same-day shipping

In a technology-saturated world, we've come to expect instant gratification from split-second texting, immediate answers from Google and speedy online shopping from home. Now manufacturers are at the mercy of the "right here, right now" impatience of consumers. A decade ago, waiting a week or longer for an order to arrive on the doorstep was par for the course, but today it seems downright archaic. Where is the real convenience in shopping online if shopping in person yields exponentially faster results? In response, same-day shipping is quickly becoming standard procedure. E-commerce titans Amazon and eBay are leading the charge by offering it -- and, increasingly, same-day delivery -- for much of their stock. As a result, manufacturers that sell their products online -- on sites like Amazon or their own -- are feeling the pressure to ship and deliver faster. For more on e-commerce Is e-commerce worth investing in? Small business look for e-commerce staff E-commerce a boon during holiday season In my recent ...

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