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February 2014, Volume 2, Number 1

Cloud, mobile technologies ease ERP installation woes

We're all too familiar with the enterprise resource planning deployments that can take years -- and with the on-site consultants who stay so long we forget that they work for somebody else. PeopleSoft moved into one of my former companies for five years; another company took 18 months to install an ERP system. These situations are accepted as the cost of doing business. Yet I always wonder: Why must this be so? Yes, the technology is complicated. Of course, ERP deployments must be done without shutting down the business or any key operational departments. It's like changing the tires on a moving car. But the extent to which troubles persist with over-budget and underperforming ERP software installations is startling. According to a recent report by Panorama Consulting Solutions', "approximately 59% of projects have exceeded their planned budgets, 53% of projects have exceeded their planned durations and 56% of organizations have received less than 50% of the measurable benefits they anticipated from their ERP software ...

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