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February 2014, Volume 2, Number 1

Enterprise resource planning software dead? Tell me another one

I covered the mainframe when I started in IT reporting almost eight years ago. Back then, there was a lot of talk about the mainframe being dead. Well, as I see it, enterprise resource planning software is the mainframe of the business applications world. Plenty of people say ERP is dead, but it's mostly because they're seeking attention. What's more likely is ERP software is morphing into something different, adapted for today's mobile and cloud-computing world. That's the focus of this special issue of Business Information. Executive Editor David Essex gives us a glimpse of the future of ERP. One vice president and chief information officer he spoke to remembered a quarter-century ago when ERP was a "single, on-premises system." That still exists, but many now see ERP moving toward hybrid IT environments -- some on-premises, some cloud -- with mobile and analytics capabilities so that employees everywhere can make intelligent business decisions. It isn't much different from other parts of the economy. A decade ago most people ...

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