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February 2014, Volume 2, Number 1

FAQ: Back to basics with ERP 101

What is enterprise resource planning (ERP)? ERP is a software system designed to help companies manage the key components of their businesses. A shop floor manager may check into ERP to check the status of a production order. HR managers can utilize ERP to access employee information and process payroll requests. Truck drivers even have the ability to update their shipment status on the ERP system from the road in real time. The potential use cases for ERP are almost limitless. ERP systems are usually tied to a relational database, which collects transactional business information and sorts it into data tables. Having all this data automatically organized allows users to quickly pull the desired information from the system for faster analysis. Companies typically adopt ERP to help them reach their performance goals, whether those goals are financial or performance-based. ERP's functionality is vast, with modules available for nearly any area of the company that creates and uses business data. Real-time visibility into business ...

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