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February 2014, Volume 2, Number 1

Tidy up to get optimal value from your ERP configuration

Streamlined business processes. Better decision making. Those are just a few of the benefits enterprise resource planning systems offer. They provide an integrated view of everything going on at an organization. Plus, they can boost the cost-efficiency of commercial transaction processing. Unfortunately, many organizations don't get all those goodies. But ERP is designed to simplify things, so how can this be? A recent study conducted by my benchmarking firm, APQC, in collaboration with consulting company Cognizant, surveyed organizations about their ERP setups. Among the key findings: Only 30% of respondents have a single ERP configuration with a single version of the application and consistent process and data models -- theoretically, the ideal state. Another 17% have a single system, but multiple application versions and different models. The rest of the respondents have multiple ERP systems, although 18% plan to consolidate on a single system. Only 37% of the respondents took steps over the past five years to simplify their ...

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