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February 2013

Mobile business applications are knocking at finance’s door

The world has gone mad over mobile -- or that’s what the explosion of smartphones and tablets would have you believe. A recent Accenture white paper put it this way: "We believe that, within the next five years, mobile applications for business will completely transform the way companies operate, manage and monitor the workplace." I was skeptical, so I called Accenture’s David Axson, long known in the corporate finance community as a guru on enterprise performance management. “A large impact comes in terms of process efficiency," Axson said. "If you are a corporate finance planner and analyst, the true value you deliver is providing insight to non-finance managers about what’s behind the numbers." We’re not there yet, he said, because finance people still spend too much time and effort on spreadsheets and bar graphs. But finance managers generating meaningful conversations about the underlying drivers -- that’s the game-changing magic of mobility. Here’s why it works: The information delivery mechanisms of mobility—tablets and ...

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