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Looking for podcasts? The Manufacturing Podcast Library is the place to find manufacturing podcasts on manufacturing ERP software selection, ERP implementation and upgrades, supply chain management and much more.'s podcasts provide insight on the topics that matter to manufacturing IT professionals. These downloads include interviews with industry experts and analysts on hot manufacturing IT topics such as ERP software selection, ERP implementation and upgrades, supply chain management, product lifecycle management and more.'s podcasts are your guide to the world of ERP software for manufacturing. Click on the links below to subscribe or download these podcasts to your PC or favorite MP3 player.

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Know when to replace legacy MES - September 27, 2011

Manufacturing execution system (MES) software is critical to some manufacturers’ production operations. But many MES software systems are outdated or poorly integrated with ERP, prompting their owners to wonder if it’s time for a replacement.

Applying business process management to manufacturing operations - July 21, 2011

Sanjeev Pal, Research Manager for Product, Project and Portfolio Management Solutions at IDC Manufacturing Insights, reveals which BPM technologies work best for a continuous improvement and lean manufacturing strategy.

Applying lean techniques to quality control - May 25, 2011

Dr. Michael Grieves, a professor at the University of Iowa, explains how Lean Six Sigma can be used to analyze and redesign quality-control workflows and automate them for greater accuracy and efficiency. 

Best practices for using technology to manage new global logistics challenges faced by manufacturers - April 21, 2011

In an age of offshored production and new opportunities in fast-emerging markets like as China and Brazil, manufacturers are challenged more than ever to master the global supply chain. In this podcast, logistics expert Evan Armstrong gives an overview of the technologies, strategies, and services companies can use to manage global production, shipping, and sales. 

ERP selection advice for midmarket manufacturers - April 21, 2011

Massive ERP systems aren’t usually a good fit for midmarket manufacturers. A whole category of ERP vendors targets this segment, and high-end vendors have long struggled to give smaller companies easily deployed versions of their flagship ERP offerings. Forrester's China Martens offers buying advice.

Cloud computing options for manufacturing IT demystified - March 29, 2011

Cloud computing provides manufacturers with access to shared computing services over the Internet, potentially reducing IT infrastructure and labor costs. But with the emergence of variations like private clouds, and new Software as a Service applications arriving every day, choosing the right technology can be challenging. In this podcast, Liz Herbert, principal analyst at Forrester Research, explains the options, and how to fit them into your ERP and supply chain strategy.

Best practices and tools for global manufacturing - February 24, 2011

IDC Manufacturing Insight’s Joe Barkai responds to questions about the most effective tools and strategies for standardizing global production while meeting the emerging demands of overseas consumers.

Where is the ROI in improving supply chain visibility? - August 19, 2010

Strong supply chain visibility is essential to running a smooth supply chain, but its ROI isn't always apparent. In this podcast, industry expert Julie Fraser will explain how to find the ROI in improving your supply chain visibility. You'll find out the basics of supply chain visibility software, learn how to evaluate your current strategy, discover how to build a business case for supply chain visibility and find best practices and common mistakes.

Who should manage BPM? - July 28, 2010

Business process management can be an effective methodology for improving a manufacturer’s cross-functional business processes. BPM software suites and other technology help to accelerate and standardize faster, more accurate methods for such daily operations as invoicing and shipping. Who should be responsible for managing and using BPM? How do you train and motivate employees to get the most out of BPM tools?  Clay Richardson, a senior analyst at Forrester who has implemented numerous BPM projects around the globe, will answer these questions.

Change management tips for ERP upgrades - July 28, 2010

ERP upgrades are more than just technical operations. Just like a brand-new implementation, an ERP upgrade project can bring major changes to a manufacturer’s business processes and to the daily lives of workers. So an effective upgrade plan should include organizational change management as a key component. Change management can mean anything from ensuring employee buy-in to organizational design to communications and training. It might include cultural and organizational assessments, executive alignment, and many other topics.

Making a business case for BI in manufacturing -- June 3, 2009
Manufacturers building a case for a business intelligence (BI) deployment face unique challenges, because the argument for deploying BI doesn't always translate well to a environment linking shop floor data with spreadsheets and data historians. In this podcast, manufacturing industry expert William McKnight explains what roles a manufacturer's ERP system and IT department play in building a business case for BI, how manufacturers can calculate the ROI of a BI implementation and when to expect to see results, the benefits of SaaS BI software and the importance of having a master data management (MDM) plan during BI implementation.

How to plan an MES-ERP integration project -- May 20, 2009
Interest in integrating manufacturing execution systems (MES) with enterprise research planning (ERP) software is growing among manufacturers. In this podcast, manufacturing industry analyst Simon Jacobson explains the benefits of MES-ERP integration, how to create an MES-ERP integration timeline and budget, how to build a project team and what current MES-ERP integration industry trends manufacturers need to react to.

Getting started with demand-driven manufacturing -- May 18, 2009
As manufacturers look to improve their production techniques, interest in demand-driven manufacturing is increasing. In this podcast, Roddy Martin, vice president and general manager of the Value Chain Strategies Service of AMR Research, explains how demand-driven manufacturing can help organizations thrive in tough economic times. In this podcast, you'll learn the benefits of demand-driven production models, what types of manufacturers are becoming demand-driven, how demand-driven manufacturing and lean manufacturing are related, strategies and best practices for creating a demand-driven network and how ERP software and Demand Flow Technology work with demand-driven manufacturing.

Operational performance management for manufacturers -- May 5, 2009
Manufacturing intelligence -- business intelligence (BI) for manufacturing firms -- has lagged behind BI for the enterprise. The primary reasons for this have been the complex nature of plant floor data and the incompatibility of diverse plant floor resources. However, this is starting to change. Now the big question is how can manufacturers most wisely deploy manufacturing intelligence solutions to increase operational performance management and get more visibility into plant floor metrics. Trends in operational performance management are examined in this podcast with Julie Fraser, president of Cambashi, Inc., an engineering and enterprise IT applications consulting firm. Industry analyst Fraser specializes in manufacturing strategies and plant floor solutions.

Supply chain management technology and implementation trends for a lean supply chain -- April 9, 2009
As the need to cut costs and boost efficiency continues to grow in this economy, manufacturers are looking for ways to improve their supply chain management. Implementing lean manufacturing into the supply chain is one solution. In this podcast, SCM expert Anil Gupta offers listeners advice on how to apply lean principles to their supply chains and shop floors, implement lean technology in their supply chains and shop floors and leverage existing SCM technology to make a leaner supply chain.

How to build a business case for ERP in today's economy -- April 6, 2009
In the current economic crisis, many companies are hesitant to take on new software implementation projects. The right ERP software system, however, can be well worth the investment. Ray Wang of Forrester Research offers insight on how to build a business case for ERP in today's economy. In this podcast, find out how to evaluate your organization's ERP needs, save money during ERP implementations and upgrades, negotiate ERP vendor contracts and decide whether you should consider SaaS and open source ERP software.

The ROI of PLM: Charting the value of PLM in today's economic climate -- April 6, 2009
Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software can be an expensive investment, especially in the current economic climate. Roy C. Wildeman of Forrester Research offers manufacturers insight on utilizing PLM software. In this podcast, you will learn how your business can get the most value out of a PLM implementation, how to build a business case for PLM and how to calculate the ROI of a PLM investment and plan for the cost of PLM projects.

The future of RFID: What's in store for the next generation of RFID -- December 22, 2008 
RFID is rapidly evolving, as early adopters learn more about how to best use and deploy the technology -- and technologists develop new and interesting RFID innovations. And, as more companies experiment with RFID, more potential use cases are emerging around how RFID technology can be used to solve real-world business problems. In this podcast, get some inspiration and insight about the future of RFID. talked to Ken Traub, independent consultant and a recognized expert to find out what's in store for RFID and learn more about the most interesting developments going on today in RFID.

Is your organization really ready for RFID? -- December 16, 2008 
RFID can be a major benefit to manufacturing organizations -- but as with any project with unique complexities and significant costs, it's not for everyone. In this podcast, we discuss how to determine if your organization is ready for RFID. Will RFID offer your organization the kind of benefits you're after? Does your company have the right infrastructure in place for RFID? What common mistakes should you avoid in planning for RFID? Hear more about how to determine whether your organization is truly ready for RFID, in this discussion with an experienced RFID expert.

Is RFID worth the time, cost and effort? -- December 12, 2008 
RFID is innovative, interesting technology, but it's also notoriously complicated and expensive to deploy. So, is it worth all of the time, cost and effort required to find true ROI from RFID? In this podcast, we explore how to assess whether your manufacturing organization will benefit from RFID -- covering some of the common use cases, typical project costs and what to consider when deciding whether RFID is a worthwhile investment for your company.

Leveraging ERP software's workflow management capabilities: Tips and advice for getting started -- December 12, 2008 
Workflow management has evolved over decades. Today, there are many options for workflow management, especially in ERP environments, and the benefits can be compelling. Companies can find notable improvements in efficiency and profitability when they truly understand cross-functional business processes -- and have a method to link and manage these processes across their organizations. So, in this podcast, we explore how organizations can effectively leverage workflow management in ERP environments and how to get a project off the ground.

Best practices for leveraging ERP to support changing business requirements -- December 3, 2008 
Business requirements can change quickly -- especially in today's competitive economy. So, how can manufacturers meet these new requirements, which may require quickly implementing system and process changes? ERP can help, according to Ray Wang of Forrester Research, by providing a framework to assist manufacturers in implementing the changes needed for new business requirements. In this podcast, find out more about best practices for leveraging ERP to support changing business requirements. In this podcast, appropriate for both business and IT professionals, listeners will hear more about why -- and how -- business requirements may be changing more than ever, find out how ERP systems and processes can help manufacturers quickly and efficiently react to changes and learn best practices for managing change, including how to communicate internally about required changes.

Midmarket ERP software evaluation tips -- October 3, 2008 
More and more midmarket manufacturers are turning to ERP to help them better compete in the global market, according to experts. But now, organizations find themselves with a wide range of ERP software choices. Navigating the ERP market, selecting and evaluating technology can be a major challenge -- especially for midmarket manufacturers with unique needs, changing business requirements and rapid growth plans. In this podcast, get expert tips and advice from Jim Shepherd, senior vice president of research for AMR Research. Find out how to narrow down the options, and learn what to do (and what not to do) to effectively evaluate midmarket ERP software.

SaaS ERP for manufacturers: Top 10 things to consider -- September 17, 2008 
Is Software as a Service (SaaS) ERP really a viable option for manufacturers? The SaaS model has proven successful with applications such as customer relationship management, but can it support the complex functionality inherent in ERP -- especially the unique requirements of manufacturers? In this podcast with Ray Wang, vice president with Forrester Research, both IT and business professionals will learn the pros and cons of SaaS ERP for manufacturers, find out the most important evaluation criteria when considering SaaS ERP software, get valuable insight into navigating the SaaS ERP market today and learn about the state of SaaS ERP adoption in the manufacturing industry.

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