Supply chain planning and execution

Supply chain planning aims to predict future requirements, while supply chain execution -- areas such as order fulfilment, procurement, warehousing and transporting -- seeks to deliver product where it needs to go and in the right amount. Balancing supply and demand with the right supply chain management strategy and software is no easy feat. This resource provides articles, case studies, best practices and expert advice on achieving a competitive edge with supply chain planning systems and supply chain execution systems in a business landscape filled with risk and disruption.

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  • supply chain sustainability

    Supply chain sustainability (SCS) is a holistic view of supply chain processes and technologies that addresses the environmental, social and legal aspects of a supply chain's components as well as their economic factors. Continue Reading

  • dual sourcing

    Dual sourcing is the supply chain management practice of using two suppliers for a given component, raw material, product or service. Companies use this approach to lower the risk of relying on a single supplier, a practice called single sourcing. ... Continue Reading

  • reverse logistics

    Reverse logistics occurs after the sale of a product, such as returning a product to the manufacturer or sending it along for processing in the final stages of its lifecycle. Continue Reading

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