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Vendors position ERP as heart of circular economy model

ERP vendors SAP and IFS are positioning themselves at the forefront of enterprise sustainability efforts just as businesses focus on reducing waste and prepare for new regulations.

Unit4 CEO Mike Ettling on people-centric, HCM-inflected ERP

Unit4 CEO Mike Ettling discusses the midmarket vendor's evolution to multi-tenant SaaS ERP and the "people experience" of ERP for service industries.

White House unveils supply chain dashboard, but who is it for?

A new supply chain dashboard from the White House promises to provide valuable data on supply chain disruption, but it may not be adequate to resolve the complex issues.

Agility a key quality to surviving supply chain issues

In this Q&A, IDC's Simon Ellis discusses the ongoing disruption to global supply chains and how enterprise apps can help improve processes, mitigate problems and introduce agility.

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    5 key benefits of enterprise asset management software

    Asset-intensive organizations benefit from enterprise asset management software because it helps them support their industrial infrastructure. Here's how EAM software makes that easier.

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    engineering bill of materials (EBOM)

    An engineering bill of materials (EBOM) is a product recipe structured from the design standpoint, rather than the manufacturing standpoint.

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    go-live (go live)

    Go-live is the time at which something becomes available for use.

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