Best practices to ensure an ERP upgrade benefits the business

The CIO of Ferrari shares the best practices that made the Italian automaker's Infor LN ERP upgrade a winner for business and IT.

Are there best practices for ensuring business process re-engineering and software deployment are both successful in an ERP upgrade?

Two things. In order to have a very successful implementation, you have to have the commitment by the business. They have to be fully, deeply involved in the implementation. They have to understand that the implementation is not only a technological refresh of something already available, it is something more. It is innovative for them because it is the way in which they should be able to implement what they have in mind for new solutions [and] new rules to be adopted to be able to run their business.

Secondly, I had a very positive result through the collaboration I had with Infor -- their direct involvement in the implementation. Not only as an external advisor, but having them [physically] involved in [the] implementation of the project: asking them to put very skilled people to support the team in doing the redesign of the solution to understand what the business had in mind, and to select the best possible way to implement new ideas through the features available in the system.

Their participation is [key] in order to obtain their involvement, their recommendation [and their] advice when you face some specific things that -- by yourself -- you are not able to manage.

When you have to replace a system that has been used for more than 15 years with a lot of customizations, it's difficult to explain. It's not so simple to motivate people to think in a different way, showing them ... the new features available in the new system that you are proposing.

Vittorio Boero, CIO, FerrariVittorio Boero,
CIO, Ferrari

Change management is another key area that needs to be managed correctly if you want to, not persuade, but motivate the people to understand [what] are the new solutions the new technology can provide.

This interview took place at the Inforum 2014 conference in New Orleans. Click here for other Infor news from the event.

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