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How to choose your ERP upgrade project team

Learn how to choose which departments are involved in the ERP upgrade project. Find out how to select your ERP upgrade team and how to communicate critical data across your business.

I've heard that communication between departments during an ERP upgrade project is critical. For a manufacturer, which departments should be directly involved in the upgrade process?
Communications of critical information and decisions must be coordinated among business units, IT and any consulting resources. One approach is to build the ERP upgrade project team using role-based scenarios. This way a business process flow touches upon all key users -- from the machine operator, to the line manager, to the order clerk, to the shipping manager to the distribution team.

The key is to make sure you create business flows around an object like an order. Then take that order and walk it through the process across all the functional fiefdoms and all the roles that touch that order. Once you do that, you can determine who should be included in the ERP upgrade team.

You will quickly find that there are more people needed than expected. However, with a process map, people in every role understand the upstream and downstream implications.

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