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How to complete the SaaS ERP software evaluation process

Software as a Service (SaaS) ERP is a low cost alternative to in-house ERP systems -- but is it right for your business requirements? Find out how to evaluate SaaS ERP software in this expert response.

I've heard that Software as a Service, or SaaS, is becoming popular as a cheaper alternative to internal ERP software hosting. How do I know if my company is the right candidate for SaaS ERP? Are there any manufacturing environments where SaaS wouldn't be a good choice?
SaaS ERP comes down to a lifestyle decision. Key benefits of SaaS ERP include rapid implementation, rich user experience, minimized capex costs and more frequent upgrades with minimal testing concerns. There are some cases where SaaS may not be appropriate, including customer requirements that data be onsite, extremely high transaction volume processing and requirements to heavily customize the code. We are starting to see significant traction with Plex Systems and Rootstock MRP for NetSuite.

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