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Preparing for an ERP migration

In this expert response, find tips for preparing data for an ERP migration project.

My organization is preparing to migrate our data from a legacy ERP system to a hosted service. How should we prepare for this ERP migration to make sure all our data makes it to the cloud in one piece?

It is important to understand and segment your data between database information or fields and actual information, such as addresses, part numbers and serial numbers. A recommendation would be to install the cloud database first, then migrate the corresponding data, such as addresses, product numbers, customer information and quantities. Next, test the entire workflow as a proof of concept with the vendor to make sure the data is still accurate and usable.

Make sure the data is accessible by all assigned users in your organization. Another point to thoroughly investigate is the service-level agreement between your company and the hosting company -- especially data lock-in -- and whether you can get the data out quickly. Hosting models such as multi-tenant are important to examine.

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