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Securing mobile business apps

In this expert response, learn how to make mobile business apps a more secure IT choice.

What are some must-do security measures that I can implement to ensure the security of my corporate devices?

I would not recommend you run your business entirely through mobile apps, as there are quite few risks. Mobile apps put your organization at greater risk of being hacked. A safer approach would be to implement a software application with mobile capabilities -- these are usually more secure. They also can be managed more easily and controlled better through corporate administration. If you opt for a cloud solution with mobile capabilities, most vendors would offer secure socket connections and a secure cloud and HTTPS, which is usually more difficult to hack.

It is very important to set up your infrastructure so that it can be pushed to the mobile devices using internal firewalls, mobile connections and logins. Also be sure to have virus and adware software for mobile devices in place before installing apps from an external app store that is not corporate controlled. The organization should control which apps are used on company devices to limit security risks.

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