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What are the benefits of wearable technology for manufacturing?

Wearable technology's benefits for the manufacturing sector are notable, including the ability to assist in training and streamline processes. Here's a look.

The benefits of wearable technology in the medical and pharmaceutical sectors include using these devices for instant video training and learning, often through virtual or augmented reality devices. Doctors can practice and then operate within a short time for operations with which they may not have much experience.    

In a similar way, wearable technology applications can play a critical role in manufacturing processes. Hands-free devices can cut employee training significantly, speed employee decision making through voice-activated instructions, and provide safety, plant and process monitoring. As in other industries, the benefits of wearable technology are greatly increased by pairing such devices with augmented reality and tablets and other mobile technology devices. For example, when they are used together, operators can more quickly make decisions that maximize production capabilities, which, in turn, reduce manufacturing lifecycles and time to market. 

The benefits of wearable technology, augmented reality and mobile devices in various combinations have already been felt by manufacturers in industries such as aerospace and defense. The technologies can be used to provide instruction, measure quality and specifications, provide inputs and outputs, and control subprocesses and subcontractors. And with time, additional uses are coming to light, since more wearables are becoming multifunctional in their operations -- for example, offering multiple uses for a single piece of technology, such as dispatching and GPS location tracking within a warehouse. In field-service automation, wearables can help technicians become more efficient and better able to communicate with customers.

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