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Finding the right fit from a range of PLM systems

There is a wealth of PLM tools out there, each vendor offering a range of design and development tools. This buyer's guide helps you make the right choice from a broad range of PLM systems for your enterprise.


In the first article of this buyer's guide, research analyst Jim Brown jokes that "if you ask five consultants for their definition of PLM, you'll get six different answers." At the risk of being a joke killer, we have made it our goal with this buyer's guide to help clarify what product lifecycle management (PLM) is -- and isn't -- and to show which software from a range of PLM systems is right for your enterprise.

Knowing what PLM is and what PLM software does is only the first step. Understanding when and in what situations PLM systems are implemented is important in selecting the right tool. The second feature in this guide shows how to diagnose product lifecycle issues and make a prognosis. With most product development and design problems, PLM tools can be the treatment.

If PLM tools indeed cure what ails your product lifecycle, then figuring out which software is the right treatment for you is the next step. The third article in this buyer's guide discusses the key features to consider when selecting a PLM tool to implement. Beginning with looking inward at your enterprise and ending with a vendor assessment is a surefire way to ensure that your organization is getting the right software that matches its demographics, product, industry, and IT and manufacturing needs.

In part four, we present several PLM systems available in the market today. Going beyond that, though, Brown provides analysis into which PLM tool fits which business scenario best. To provide further coverage, in part five, TechTarget presents in-depth looks at each of the mentioned PLM systems. All of this is designed to help you choose the right PLM tools for your enterprise, because misunderstanding the software and picking the wrong PLM system is no joking matter. 

1What is?-

Looking at PLM and how PLM software works

Learn what PLM is and how PLM systems can help enterprises ideate, design, develop and release products.


What can PLM technology do for enterprises?

Product lifecycle management can be an opaque topic. Here's help understanding exactly what PLM technology is and how it can help your company innovate. Continue Reading

2Do I need?-

PLM software use cases: when and where PLM tools can help

See what issues are affecting organizations' product lifecycle and which ones can be corrected by PLM systems.


Tools can cure and prevent product development ailments

Whether your company needs a cure or wants to take preventative measures, PLM tools can solve a range of product development issues. Here's how to diagnose your enterprise. Continue Reading

3How to buy-

Key features and initiatives to consider when buying PLM tools

Knowing the ins and outs of your enterprise is one of the first steps to take when looking at PLM systems. After looking internally, your search for the important PLM software features and vendor functions will be much easier.


Choosing a PLM system for your company? Start with strategy

Knowing the scope of the PLM tool and understanding how the PLM system should be implemented can help you select the best tool for your enterprise. Continue Reading

4Which should I buy?-

Which PLM tool is right for you?

Identifying a PLM vendor is easy enough, but making sure their PLM software is the right software for your organization is a difficult undertaking. Brown tackles the top PLM systems and presents analysis into which ones work best in certain business scenarios.


A PLM systems comparison of the industry's top tools

Knowing the constraints of an industry and if your company plans to implement a cloud strategy are just some factors to consider when performing a PLM systems comparison. Continue Reading

5Top product overviews-

Today's PLM software market leaders

PLM systems are essential for any company looking to establish or improve a product lifecycle. TechTarget presents in-depth looks at the top PLM products offered today.


Collaboration and flexibility focus of Aras Innovator

With flexibility and collaboration the core focus, Aras Innovator offers enterprises a PLM tool they can configure to meet their needs. Continue Reading


Arena PLM specializes in medical equipment validation

Manage the lifecycles of complex products in the medical device and consumer electronics industries with Arena PLM, a scalable, cloud-delivered set of PLM tools. Continue Reading


Mobile experience highlight of Autodesk PLM 360

For businesses small and large, Autodesk PLM 360 is PLM software that provides a broad range of functions, enhanced by a custom-designed mobile experience. Continue Reading


The ENOVIA PLM meant to target shorter cycle times

Dassault Systèmes intends for the ENOVIA PLM tool to enable more efficient product collaboration between designers and engineers, and, in turn, streamline product development. Continue Reading


Manage a product from ideation to retirement with Oracle PLM

Tailored for most industry verticals, Oracle PLM offers a variety of product lifecycle management software on premises, in a managed cloud and in the Oracle Cloud. Continue Reading


PTC Windchill: PLM technology that's a breeze to use

PTC Windchill is PLM technology designed for Internet of Things connectivity and data gathering. It's designed to be easy to use and deploy in the cloud or on premises. Continue Reading


SAP provides flexible PLM system with varied implementation

SAP's flexible PLM system gives discrete and process manufacturers a broad range of options for hosting, implementation, functions and features. Continue Reading


The Siemens product lifecycle management software suite

The Siemens product lifecycle management software suite comes with loads of different product design and development tools, and is customizable for enterprises' needs. Continue Reading


Synergis aims to provide proficient PLM tools with Adept PDM

Adept PDM, a scalable PLM tool from Synergis, may allow enterprises to manage product data throughout the entire product lifecycle. Continue Reading

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