Demand signal repository (DSR)

Demand signal repository (DSR) is a database that aggregates sales data at the point of sale (POS). DSR systems capture, clean and harmonize large data sets so the data can be queried. The goal of a DSR system is to allow a business user without technical knowledge to be able to identify what products are selling, where they are selling best or worst and how often they are being sold. This information can then be applied to determine how an organization can be more responsive to customer's needs. 

When fully deployed, DSRs achieve the following business goals:

• Reduce the frequency of out of stock goods

• Sense product category changes

• Improve demand forecast accuracy

• Lower inventory and safety stock levels.

•  Predict which products are trending towards stock outs

• Detect replenishment issues

• Identify higher or lower anticipated lift during promotions

• Decrease the expenses related to expedited freight

See also: supply chain management, logistics management, demand flow scheduling system

This was last updated in November 2010

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