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January 2015

How green manufacturing processes can boost the bottom line

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Sustainable production and supply chain practices are not just good PR -- they often help the bottom line by cutting resource consumption and opening up new lines of business. Those benefits aren’t the only drivers toward greener, most sustainable manufacturing practices. Outside pressure from concerned shareholders, pressure groups and even European legislation -- the Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive and REACH, among them -- are the real drivers.

This three-part guide tells how and why manufacturers are turning toward sustainable, green manufacturing strategies to build a better business. First, IT journalist Lauren Gibbons Paul drills down on manufacturers’ least favorite topic, adding cost, and their favorite, ROI. Manufacturers have begun to realize that investing in green technologies can boost the bottom line and the brand. And in a market where branding is everything, it’s important that manufacturers listen up. Next, Tony Kontzer advises readers looking to build a sustainable manufacturing game plan. Specifically, Kontzer lays out three preparatory steps for companies can get started. To close, Gibbons Paul returns with a quick look at the Internet of Things. Once just a buzzed-about IT term, the concept holds real, beneficial promise for manufacturers looking to get into the real-time data game.

Table Of Contents

  • For manufacturers, going green pays off
  • Being sustainable builds the bottom line
  • Internet of Things shakes up the supply chain

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