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March 2016

IoT supply chain disruption: Get ahead of it now

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The idea of untold devices talking to one another may still have an aura of science fiction, but here's what we recommend: If you want your company to live long and prosper, stake your IoT strategy now. The Internet of Things is indeed poised to disrupt supply chains as we know them.

According to various forecasts, 25 billion to 75 billion IoT devices will exist by the end of this decade. The number of Internet connections, not to mention potential for interconnectivity, is staggering. And those connections are particularly auspicious for the supply chain. Automatic demand signals, piercing logistics insights and deep-dives into IoT data are just a few areas that hold promise. To that end, this three-part handbook shares critical advice from SearchManufacturingERP contributors about how you can get ahead of the disruption -- instead of being left behind to react.

ChainLink Research CEO Ann Grackin leads the way by sharing insight for the C-suite, supply chain managers and other business leaders on how to address the radical changes to come and why you need to be first in doing so. Next, her colleague, Chief Research Officer Bill McBeath, offers guidance on selecting IoT platforms. Choose wisely, he cautions. The relationship between the IoT application developer and the IoT platform provider is like a long-term marriage; breakups are messy and difficult. Finally, technology journalist Linda Rosencrance provides some real-world examples of IoT early adopters and explains how their foresight has boosted quality control, traceability and regulatory compliance, to name just a few business benefits.

About The Author

Linda Rosencrance - Contributor

Linda Rosencrance is a freelance writer and editor in the Boston...Read More

Table Of Contents

  • Go boldly into the new world of IoT
  • Make a good IoT match
  • Driving faster supply chains through IoT logistics

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