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April 2014

Navigate the e-procurement technology landscape

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E-sourcing and e-procurement technology have created new opportunities to save money, improve supplier performance -- even make better products. Called e-sourcing and e-procurement, the tools may very well help organizations change the way they buy the materials and goods they need. Online communities give manufacturers a comprehensive view of available suppliers, allowing them to see who is offering what and then negotiate deals. And vendors have been developing a whole range of new products with features like spend analytics, supplier performance management and contract lifecycle management.

But though many manufacturers use basic e-sourcing tools for requests for proposals and auctions to cut sourcing costs and cycle times, most don't tap them for their full potential and thus are losing out on the real prizes: a clear return on investment, better supplier relationships and innovative new products. In this three-part handbook, we look into the various new e-procurement and e-sourcing tools and their features. We talk to industry experts about the best ways to improve ROI, and we explore e-procurement strategies that are beneficial to both manufacturer and supplier.

About The Author

David Essex - Editor at Large

David Essex is an editor at large in the Enterprise Software and...Read More

Table Of Contents

  • New software turns suppliers into partners
  • Aim e-procurement software squarely at ROI
  • Relationships, not software, are integral to success

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