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A guide to global supply chain management

Discover tips, best practices and expert advice in this guide on global supply chain management.


The main pillars of supply chain management (SCM) have generally been production, transportation, storage, and demand planning and management. It sounds simple, but it's not easy. Global supply chain management adds many more factors to consider, including culture, language and currency differences. In addition, software compatibility, supply chain sustainability and the implications that rising costs of fuel, oil and other transportation factors have an effect on logistics management.

What's a global company to do?

Fear not. This global supply management guide is full of information on how to best manage your global supply chain. You'll find tips and advice on supply chain security, deployment and integration, and how the cloud and social media are positively influencing supply chain operations. Discover the best practices the supply chain veterans follow and learn how to keep your supply chain running smoothly and securely.


Choosing the best SCM software for your organization

All the planning in the world won't help your organization successfully manage its supply chain unless it has the proper supply chain management software. Figuring out which mix of components will best address a supply chain challenge is the first step, and zeroing in on the optimal SCM software deployment method is the next major phase. Read on to find out how to choose the right SCM software -- and to understand it -- and learn how the cloud and social media are affecting the global SCM software arena.


Get the most out of your SAP SCM software

Supply chains are getting longer and more complex in today's business environment. Here is a collection of tips and suggestions from expert Jawad Akhtar on how companies can get the most out of their supply chain software. Continue Reading


Which SCM software is right for your organization?

Choosing between on-premises and SaaS delivery models or niche and integrated SCM suites eventually boils down to what's best for the business, industry watchers say. Continue Reading


Global SCM affects logistics management technology

In the future, effective logistics management technology will become very important as competition shifts from individual companies to whole supply chains and manufacturers tighten up their logistics practices because of increasing global shipping expenses. Continue Reading


Supply chain in the cloud

The growth of cloud supply chain software options is presenting opportunities for manufacturers of all sizes. Continue Reading


Know your SCM software

SCM has evolved from related but disconnected applications into a tightly woven tool set focused on planning, execution and analytics. Continue Reading

2Best practices-

Best practices for using SCM software

Global supply chain management faces various challenges such as language barriers, real-time visibility and accessibility, currency discrepancies and software compatibility issues. Some experts feel that SCM should be more aware of the global impact on supply chain trends and try to address social issues (i.e., hunger, clean water) as well. Read on to find out how supply chain veterans have approached these challenges and learn what innovations the future holds for supply chain management.


Global supply chain should address social issues

Keeping his focus on the big picture, Prof. Chad Autry says supply chain research should address social issues such as hunger and disease. Continue Reading


Global supply chain brings both risk and reward

Although outsourcing to global suppliers can be cost efficient, manufacturers should carefully evaluate supply chain risks from manmade and natural disruptions. Continue Reading


Addressing culture shock in global SCM

Introducing SCM software to manufacturing facilities in developing countries is no small task. Industry experts offer their advice for dealing with technological and cultural barriers. Continue Reading


Dealing with quality control challenges in global SCM

Today's global and extended supply chains are putting a strain on traditional quality control systems, causing new challenges for manufacturers. Continue Reading


Global SCM gets boost in real-time visibility

New technologies like cloud computing and social networking promise to deliver much-needed, real-time visibility and closed-loop integration to manufacturers with global supplier networks. Continue Reading


Globalization's effect on security and the supply chain

Your organization has chosen its supply chain management software and has become familiar with how it all works. But is it secure? Read on to find out how important supply chain security has become in the face of globalization; for instance, the U.K. has adopted an ambitious schedule to secure its supply chains as soon as possible. Also learn about new technologies and the changing focus on the supply chain as a whole, not just the corporation.


Security must protect entire supply chain, not just company

Targeted attacks affect the whole supply chain, not just big corporations, according to author Misha Glenny. Continue Reading


Comprehensive security must include supply chain

Edna Conway, chief security strategist at Cisco Systems, explains why a comprehensive security strategy must include the supply chain to maintain the integrity that customers demand. Continue Reading


Gartner's top 25 supply chains show excellence in security

This year's annual top 25 supply chains showcase more industrial and high-tech manufacturers that are excelling in their supply chain initiatives, such as security. Continue Reading


Measuring security in the supply chain

Experts provide valuable advice for measuring the level of security in their supply chains and applying the results to improve their overall security operations. Continue Reading


Supply chain security fast-tracked in the U.K.

The U.K.'s Defense Cyber Protection Partnership seeks to implement controls to quickly increase supply chain security. Continue Reading


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