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An essential guide to M2M technology for manufacturers

An essential guide to choosing and adopting M2M technology for manufacturers.


If the warehouse is the heart of manufacturing operations, M2M technology has become the heart of the warehouse. Machine-to-machine technology is in high demand by manufacturers because of its real-time communication abilities and the way it allows them to remotely track their supply chains and monitor warehouse operations from any location. Increasingly global supply chains have made these features invaluable to manufacturers.

The growing popularity of M2M has kept vendors on their toes, and they are meeting the challenge by offering a wide range of M2M functions. Worried about cost? No problem. The return on investment (ROI) makes M2M adoption well worth the effort, but technological advances such as the cloud have also made it simpler -- and cheaper -- to implement M2M technology.

This guide will walk you through the introduction and growth of M2M technology in the warehouse, as well as offer up advice and best practices on M2M adoption and implementation.

1M2M, mobility and real time-

Mobility and M2M

Wireless communication is the norm nowadays, and it's been a boon for manufacturers with increasingly global supply chains. Real-time communication has narrowed the gaps in information, and manufacturers can now track and monitor their supply chains remotely. Consumers are also in on M2M: Some automotive companies are reporting an increased demand for wireless technology that will alert emergency services in case of an accident. Find out how mobile technology has made M2M a superstar.


Mobility driving M2M adoption

Because of its flexibility and ease of use, mobile technology is driving M2M adoption among manufacturers looking for better ways to manage their supply chains. Continue Reading


M2M among hottest manufacturing technology trends

Expanding global supply chains required a more efficient method for manufacturers to connect remotely, thus giving rise to M2M, one of the fastest-growing manufacturing trends of 2012. Learn why M2M demand is still rising. Continue Reading


M2M in consumer demand, says Vodafone

UK-based multinational telecommunications company Vodafone says that consumer demand is driving M2M adoption, especially among automotive companies. Continue Reading


M2M real-time helps prevent communication lapses

Real-time supply chain information is highly sought after by manufacturers. Discover how M2M real-time can help prevent communication gaps. Continue Reading

2M2M trends and innovations-

Trends and Innovations

The popularity of M2M technology has gained momentum, and vendors are keeping pace with a widening variety of features in their M2M offerings. And many of these products won't cost an arm and a leg -- the cloud, for instance, helps make acquiring and implementing M2M easier and cheaper. The Internet of Things -- connecting all devices over the Internet -- will help manufacturers maintain and organize big data. Find out more about M2M trends and innovations.


The Internet of Things

Find out how big data and the big idea of the Internet of Things will affect the automating of the warehouse. Continue Reading


Growth in M2M software options aid manufacturers

The ubiquity of wireless communication has provided opportunities for M2M software vendors to offer a wide range of products with new M2M capabilities. Continue Reading


M2M applications momentum building

Enthusiasm for M2M applications is increasing rapidly, but actual deployments are coming at a slower and steadier pace. Find out why. Continue Reading


Automate the warehouse with M2M technology

M2M technology is not just for remote communications; it can also automate warehouse operations. Continue Reading


Cloud M2M provides affordable opportunities

Organizations don't have to break the bank to take advantage of cloud M2M. Continue Reading

3M2M best practices-

Best practices

For successful M2M adoption, a strong business case is the best bet, but there are other factors to consider before presenting the case to decision makers. One consideration is security: How strong are the risks and what can be done to prevent them? Another is training: Manufacturers must have a clear understanding of how M2M fits into the business for it to be completely effective. Read more for advice and best practices to ensure success in M2M endeavors.


How to keep M2M security risks at bay

M2M opens the doors wide to efficient communication, but organizations often need to close those doors on security risks. Read these tips to find out how to keep security issues at a minimum. Continue Reading


Advice on successful M2M adoption

A clear business case and strong ROI are at the core of successful M2M adoption, but are not the only things to consider. Here are some best practices for M2M adoption. Continue Reading


Experts stress importance of M2M connectivity

Manufacturers must understand where M2M fits into the business to take full advantage of M2M’s reach and capabilities. Continue Reading

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