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How to choose manufacturing software for business intelligence

Learn how to choose the proper manufacturing BI software for your organization.


Manufacturers looking to optimize their data and improve productivity may want to consider buying manufacturing software for business intelligence, which takes data from internal and external systems and sends it to a data warehouse, where the data is cleaned up and made available for analysis. This clearer view of data allows organizations to measure performance and know exactly where the company stands profit- and production-wise. Today's BI and analytics software is cost-effective and can provide insights that can increase sales, according to experts, which results in a strong return on investment (ROI).

Many manufacturing organizations don't realize that their current ERP system contains analytic functions; they just have to learn how to identify and use them. If they need more capabilities, they can investigate the offerings from niche vendors that specialize in BI software. Organizations might also take a chance and ask for better pricing, since the wider availability of BI software brings competition that can make vendors hungry for sales.

Along with affordability and good ROI, increased sales, production and data accessibility are some of the benefits of manufacturing BI software. This guide details the experiences of organizations that have implemented BI software and examines best practices to ensure that organizations glean the full value of a BI software investment.

1Manufacturing BI software-

Choosing among manufacturing BI software options

If your organization is interested in purchasing manufacturing BI software, there are several things to consider. For instance, it is important to know exactly what the objectives are, such as data accessibility, real-time analytics or measurement of company performance. You should also examine whether your organization's ERP system provides the analytics capabilities you need or if purchasing BI software will provide more advanced functions. Then you need to figure out whether to go with your ERP vendor or use a niche, "best of breed" BI vendor. Decisions, decisions! This section will help you cut through a jungle of information and find solutions.


How to choose the best manufacturing BI software for your organization

With so many options, choosing manufacturing BI software can seem overwhelming. Learn how to sift through the choices and find out which BI software is right for your organization. Continue Reading


Maximize manufacturing processes with BI software

Despite the fact that other types of systems offer analytics capabilities, industry analysts say that manufacturing software for business intelligence is still worth buying. Find out why. Continue Reading


Integration always a consideration in choosing BI software options

Although a company's ERP vendor may offer manufacturing BI software, niche BI analytics may be the best option -- and ease of integration should always be considered. Continue Reading


Mobile BI and ERP devices create new challenges for manufacturers

The increasing use of tablets and smartphones in the global workforce presents challenges to organizations trying to figure out which devices and operating systems can best run mobile ERP and mobile BI applications. Continue Reading


Experts tout the power of manufacturing BI software

Consultants and users say that better dashboards and improved performance management have made manufacturing BI software more powerful than ever. Continue Reading


Know exactly what you want before choosing manufacturing BI software

To reap the most benefits from manufacturing BI software, an organization should create a checklist of objectives before making any purchases. Continue Reading


New machine data analytics platform from Glassbeam

Glassbeam, a machine data analytics company based in Santa Clara, Calif., has created a cloud-based software platform called Scalar to help companies take advantage of the emerging business opportunities provided by the "Internet of Things." Continue Reading

2Best practices-

Best practices for BI software

Once IT has decided that purchasing BI software is the way to go, executive management must be sold on the idea. In this section, learn how to present a convincing business case for BI software and understand the keys to successful and easy implementation. Preparing workers for the cultural changes BI software can bring is important; training employees on BI software can make or break the entire project.


Follow these five steps for successful on-premises manufacturing BI projects

Learn five secrets of ensuring the success of on-premises BI initiatives and maintaining a partnership between IT and the business. Continue Reading


Training key to successful BI implementation, experts say

Many organizations don't see training employees on BI software as a priority, but skipping this step can negate the other work that goes into an implementation, according to experts. Continue Reading


Be specific when building RFPs for manufacturing BI software

To develop a successful request for proposal (RFP) for manufacturing BI software, it is imperative to be as detailed as possible to paint a clear picture of business needs and how mobile ERP and BI can serve them. Continue Reading


The road to BI integration does not have to be rocky, experts say

Integration can be one of the biggest challenges of a BI implementation, but thanks to Web services and lightweight connectors, it no longer has to be. Continue Reading


Is your organization ready for the cultural changes BI initiatives may bring?

Before undertaking BI initiatives, organizations need to ensure that their employees are ready to handle the cultural changes that analytics will introduce. Continue Reading


Improve supply chain financials with better analytics

Supply chain management and financials aren't normally thought of together, but financial metrics can be a great tool for benchmarking supply chain performance and boosting manufacturing. Continue Reading

3Case studies-

Organizations' real-world BI software experiences

A great way to learn what works -- and what doesn't -- is to find out what other organizations have done in the same circumstances. This section shares the experiences of three very different organizations that purchased and implemented manufacturing BI software. Find out how they handled implementation and integration, increased production, optimized data and improved asset management.


Seasoning manufacturer uses QlikView BI dashboard to optimize data

Illes Seasonings & Flavors, a Carrollton, Texas-based manufacturer of liquid and dry food ingredients for food manufacturers, restaurants and beverage distributors, turned to Qlikview BI dashboards to optimize data accessibility. Continue Reading


GE improves asset management and BI needs with customized JackBe Presto tool

GE Power & Water, a division of General Electric Co., chose JackBe Presto to improve data speed and build a more integrated analytics system that would help consolidate the company's business software systems. Continue Reading


Enterprise search and text analytics platform enhances R&D company's production

INO, a research and development company based in Quebec City that specializes in optics and photonics, began using Coveo's text analytics and indexing platform and increased workers' productivity by 5%. Continue Reading


ROI on BI software

Cost is always a concern when purchasing or implementing any new technology, and executive management wants to see a strong ROI. The good news is that manufacturing BI software is often affordable and delivers results. Read why analytics capabilities are often present in software already being used, how the cloud is making BI software even more affordable and how BI software delivers insights that can boost productivity and increase sales.


BI software on a budget: Use what you have

Experts say that many organizations can find much of the analytical capability they need in the software they are already using. Continue Reading


Manufacturing BI software delivers results, ROI

Manufacturing BI software makes it easier to obtain an accurate view of how an organization is performing. Continue Reading


Cloud BI platforms cost-effective, but present challenges

Running BI in the cloud is attractive from a cost standpoint, but there are potential issues that organizations should be aware of, industry watchers say. Continue Reading


Today's BI and analytics tools make manufacturing BI affordable

Dismissing manufacturing BI as too expensive without further inquiry is a mistake, according to several experts. Today's BI and analytics tools are more cost-effective than traditional offerings and, more important, can yield insights that drive increased sales. Continue Reading


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