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How to choose manufacturing software for business intelligence

Last updated:November 2013

Editor's note

Manufacturers looking to optimize their data and improve productivity may want to consider buying manufacturing software for business intelligence, which takes data from internal and external systems and sends it to a data warehouse, where the data is cleaned up and made available for analysis. This clearer view of data allows organizations to measure performance and know exactly where the company stands profit- and production-wise. Today's BI and analytics software is cost-effective and can provide insights that can increase sales, according to experts, which results in a strong return on investment (ROI).

Many manufacturing organizations don't realize that their current ERP system contains analytic functions; they just have to learn how to identify and use them. If they need more capabilities, they can investigate the offerings from niche vendors that specialize in BI software. Organizations might also take a chance and ask for better pricing, since the wider availability of BI software brings competition that can make vendors hungry for sales.

Along with affordability and good ROI, increased sales, production and data accessibility are some of the benefits of manufacturing BI software. This guide details the experiences of organizations that have implemented BI software and examines best practices to ensure that organizations glean the full value of a BI software investment.