Your essential guide to CPM tools, tips and vendors

Last updated:August 2016

Editor's note

Corporate performance management is an umbrella term that includes methodologies, processes and technologies used to measure and monitor corporate health.

Also called business performance management and enterprise performance management, CPM can help organizations build better budgets, reduce costs, create alignment in key performance indicators, improve financial processes and more. CPM tools include forecasting, budgeting and planning functions -- to name just a few -- and relies on reader-friendly visuals to quickly display information. Although such a reliance on dashboards and visual scorecards can sound very similar to business intelligence, it is distinct from BI, although often used in close conjunction with it.

CPM began as a way of taking the pulse of the finance department, looking at factors such as forecasting, budget and planning, and the information was shared only with stakeholders related to finance. CPM typically still begins in finance, but its role has expanded. Over time, business leaders realized it could be used to measure other key indicators of success, such as strategic planning and employee performance, and as an overall measure of other domains, such as sales. CPM software often is targeted to specific business processes, such as supply chain management. In addition, many businesses create CPM programs around a business methodology, such as balanced scorecard.

This guide gives a bird's-eye view of what corporate performance management can mean to your company, shares some real-life examples and provides some basics on the vendor landscape.

1How CPM can help your company

CPM can help you align operational and financial data to drive enterprise-wide performance improvements and foster better corporate health. But before you can do that, you need to understand the factors that influence CPM success.

2CPM tools to measure corporate health

Although the software is just one piece of the corporate performance management puzzle, it's a critical one. This section helps you get a lay of the CPM vendor landscape so that you can begin to make informed and strategic decisions about your CPM roadmap.