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August 2018, Vol. 6, No. 4

SMB reaps rewards of migrating QAD ERP system to the cloud

Moving an ERP system off premises to the cloud can create an ideal situation for many SMBs. And it did for Moog Inc.'s medical devices group, which moved its on-premises QAD ERP system to the cloud last year. The medical devices group operates as a separate division within Moog, a global designer and manufacturer of systems for the aerospace, defense, industrial and medical industries. In 2012, the group ran an on-premises version of the QAD ERP system in four locations: Salt Lake City, Costa Rica, India and Lithuania, according to IT Director Brett King. The decision to move to the cloud was driven primarily by the cost of adding features and functions on premises, King said. Also, the group needed greater system reliability and improved disaster recovery, common concerns for many SMBs looking to deploy ERP in the cloud. "Prior to going to the cloud," King explained, "we had numerous issues with servers running out of disk space, servers running out of RAM -- just your normal server stuff that we weren't keeping a good eye on. ...

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