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Click Reply WMS technology provides greater visibility into warehouse ops

With the ability to tightly integrate warehouse operations with logistics, Click Reply's WMS technology helps businesses in a number of verticals with their warehouse management needs.

Click Reply WM covers all aspects of the warehouse -- from receipt of goods through the movement of goods within the warehouse through shipment. The system also has a detailed process for the handling of returns, which can be an area of process weakness for many warehouses. Click Reply WM provides inbound visibility of shipments. Within the warehouse itself, the software enables control of automated processes, as well as management of the variables and exceptions characteristic of inbound goods' processes.

The warehouse management system (WMS) also provides users with the ability to custom-define their workflows within the warehouse, as well as to integrate these workflows with warehouse mobile and automated tools. Click Reply uses an Oracle database, but it is highly modularized, and its use of Java EE for its software makes it compatible with most hardware and software platforms.

The primary functions of Click Reply's WMS technology are:

  • Receiving;
  • Goods identification and put away;
  • Inventory management that includes warehouse space optimization and the track and trace of goods;
  • Kitting, serial number tracking and value-added services, such as the preparation of products for shipping in special configurations;
  • Outbound shipment planning, automated goods replenishment, sorting, picking,  packing and shipment execution; and
  • Advanced processes, such as distributing orders from multiple warehouses, tracking in-transit goods, dispatching and/or postponing orders, and managing and tracking containerized goods.

Click Reply WM can also handle special operations, like cross-docking -- a process that reduces storage space allocations in the warehouse for incoming goods that have already been assigned to orders and which can be directly shipped back out without having to be stored. One of Click Reply WM's strengths is in the tight integration it offers between warehousing and distribution operations and inbound and outbound logistics.

Who benefits most from using Click Reply WM?

Companies in a wide variety of industry verticals use Click Reply. These industry verticals include the food and beverage, third-party logistics, manufacturing, automotive, fashion, electronics, personal care, retail, paper mill, publishing, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. The system is used in both SMBs and large enterprises.

Click Reply WM is an ideal system for companies wishing to host their own WMS in-house. As an on-premises system, Click Reply uses the Microsoft .NET Compact Framework 3.5, which can adapt to a variety of different terminal, hardware and software configurations, including a broad spectrum of mobile devices -- such as radio frequency readers, rugged tablets, smartphones and wireless networks.

How does Click Reply support its WMS technology?

Click Reply offers a full complement of service and support. These services begin with an analysis of a client's existing warehouse management processes and the new processes the client wishes to add, followed by the development of an implementation plan and a product configuration that meet the needs of the client. Click Reply also offers training for employees on the new systems, as well as ongoing consulting and support services as needed. The company provides online courses that cover its WMS technology, as well as classroom and in-field training sessions that are delivered at the client's premises.

Ongoing support for the product is available on a pay-for basis, and it can range from general support to very specific application support, depending on the level of support for which the client contracts.

The three levels of support Click Reply offers are: 

  • Basic Support includes a central help desk, and it's available from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Calls are handled on a first-come, first-served basis, with on-site interventions whenever remote intervention is not possible and fixed charges for high-priority software modifications. 
  • Plus Support adds priority of calls based on severity, on-site help for disaster recovery, application tuning and preventive database maintenance to the Basic Support package.
  • Extended Support adds immediate call response, application management and 24/7 service coverage to the Plus Support package.

Because Click Reply can be highly customized to each client's needs, pricing is also customized on a per-client basis. The product is licensed to each client.

Click Reply does not offer a free trial of the software.

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