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Deltek offers cloud ERP system that caters to a myriad of industries

For industries that take a project management approach to their work, Deltek offers a cloud ERP system that users can customize to meet their industry needs.

Deltek is an ERP software vendor that provides project-based ERP systems. Deltek provides cloud ERP and SaaS ERP systems for private and public spaces. Deltek prides itself on being a flexible company with a configurable cloud ERP system that lets clients optimize their software to meet their industry-driven needs.

Deltek cloud ERP's "sweet spot" is its ability to focus on businesses that use a project management approach to their work and their billings. The Deltek cloud ERP system is further purpose-built for specific industry verticals. These industry verticals include: government and government contractors; nonprofit organizations that work on a project management basis; aerospace and defense companies and contractors; energy and environmental companies; engineering, procurement and construction companies; oil, gas and chemical companies; and project-oriented manufacturing companies. Deltek also serves enterprises in services organizations that work on a project basis like accounting, advertising, public relations and marketing firms; architecture, engineering and construction firms; environmental consulting companies; legal service firms; and management and IT consulting organizations.

Deltek offers a configurable cloud ERP system

Deltek cloud ERP pricing is tailored to the needs of each client and is also based on the configuration of cloud ERP that the client selects. Deltek product module configurations vary widely depending upon the industry vertical that they are configured for, but common core modules include financial management, business performance management, human capital management, risk management, schedule diagnostics and social collaboration. The financial management module includes tools for managing profit and loss, margins, resources, and capital and budgets. It also comes with a full set of financial accounts and ledgers for financial reporting.

The business performance management element of Deltek's cloud ERP system lets enterprises view all project-related activities across the business. It comes with performance indicators and operational trackers that create reports and alerts.

The Deltek cloud ERP system's human capital management module lets businesses control HR administration and assists in employee recruiting and training and with performance reviews.

To identify and track potential risks in projects, enterprises can opt into the risk management module, which also includes the ability to evaluate and model risk mitigation strategies.

Collaborative tools are also part of Deltek's cloud ERP system. There is a scheduling diagnostics module that includes reporting, tracking, analytics and modeling features for personnel to utilize. To improve communication between project team members, Deltek cloud ERP systems integrate the project and task management tools with social media platforms.

These baseline software modules can be augmented with modules like project manufacturing, customer relationship management, contract management and other project activities based upon the requirements of company's industry vertical.

How does Deltek's cloud ERP system run?

Deltek's cloud ERP system is entirely web-based, with each client being provided with a unique web link to the client system in the cloud. The software-as-a-service (SaaS) and cloud ERP system runs on Microsoft Azure in either a public or a private cloud implementation -- there is also an option for an on-premises system if a client requires it.The recommended internet broadband connection to Deltek cloud ERP is at least 768 Kbps throughput speed, with the client system using the Windows operating system, and an Internet Explorer or Edge web browser.

Deltek handles all system upgrades, backups and maintenance within planned periodic timeframes.

Deltek provides its own cloud hosting, backed by multiple data centers. Deltek's personnel monitor their clients' systems on a 24/7 basis, and each client has a dedicated database. It commits to a disaster recovery and failover and system redundancy plan of near-100 % availability with stringent uptime and time to resolution metrics. Alternatively, clients can elect to use a certified Deltek business partner as the cloud host for Deltek cloud ERP.

Each Deltek cloud ERP subscription includes access to a variety of learning resources that are available to all of the employees within the client organization. Deltek offers e-learning and also personal training in education centers in the U.S. and in the U.K. Deltek holds its user conference on an annual basis.

To ease the transition to cloud, Deltek offers standard, premium and select levels of customer care for its clients. Under standard care, Deltek agents ensure that the current version of software that an enterprise is using is up to date, and they provide 24-hour telephone support five days a week. Standard care also offers unlimited access to Customer Care Connect -- Deltek's online customer portal that provides documentation, tools, tips and tricks -- in addition to direct access to Deltek Customer Care support analysts. The premium care package adds to this 24/5 emergency support for mission-critical application support cases, five authorized support contacts and a 10% discount on all Deltek University classes. The select care package further adds a dedicated senior advisor who acts as a single point of contact, direct access to level two support (subject matter experts), priority case handling with enhanced service levels, proactive case reviews, automated case escalations, complimentary admission to the Deltek annual users conference, up to 10 authorized support contacts and 24/7 mission-critical support.

Deltek offers a free trial of its cloud ERP system that clients can register for.

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