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Epicor ERP 10 frees users to customize dashboards, go mobile

Epicor ERP 10, our product of the month, comes with customizable dashboards and mobile interface options for more flexibility.

Product of the month: Epicor ERP version 10

Release date: April 28, 2014

What it does

Epicor ERP 10 is designed to improve customers' social collaboration and mobile computing experiences while allowing for easier deployments. According to Epicor, this latest version can be deployed as a traditional on-premises package or as a hosted service in the cloud, giving users more flexibility when it comes to system maintenance.

What sets it apart

The new release streamlines user experiences by providing easy-to-use, touch-enabled dashboards that are adaptable to the specific needs of users, Epicor says. This makes it ideal for specialized manufacturing verticals that need an ERP system that is easily modifiable while still being agile.

Version 10 is optimized for Microsoft SQL Server 14, allowing four times more scalability than in previous versions. Epicor 10 is also designed to promote internal collaboration by making it easier to share data across accounts with the Epicor Social Enterprise module. Epicor 10's user interface is simpler and more intuitive than in previous versions, the company says, and its dashboards are fully customizable and touch enabled. A fully functional mobile version of Epicor ERP 10 is also available and allows for data access and collaboration across the factory floor or on the road.

What users say

"We selected Epicor ERP 10 because we had good experiences with previous versions of Epicor, and we liked version 10's improved performance and ability to be used anywhere we needed with the mobile interface," said Jos Greeve, ICT manager at Boers & Co. Fine Metalworking Group, a Dutch manufacturer of mechanical parts, high precision assembly and sheet metal products. Boers & Co. was the first company to go live with Epicor ERP 10 and the results have been positive thus far.

Boers uses Epicor ERP 10 throughout the business, from price quoting, sales and financials to production, stocking and shipping. Employees across the company have taken well to the new version, according to Greeve, finding the user interface and dashboards simple to use and to customize, with minimal help from IT.

"We wanted faster and more accurate communication with suppliers and customers, with insights into planning and production that could be accessed by everyone in the company," Greeve said. "[With Epicor ERP 10], you can work with the right information on any device you would like, regardless of the native design differences of every device."


The total cost of Epicor ERP 10 fluctuates greatly depending on the number of users, implementation services and preferred deployment method -- on premises or in the cloud. The average cost of Epicor 10 per user is $2,136. According to the company, the average number of users licensed per organization is 37, bringing the average total cost of an Epicor 10 deployment to $79,032.

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