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Epicor ERP: Flexible applications with vertical-industry appeal

Epicor ERP targets midmarket industries that run the gamut and is designed for global scalability and configurability.

Epicor Software Corp. provides global business software that can be tailored to the needs of manufacturing, distribution, retail and service firms. The latest generation of its Epicor ERP software supports a comprehensive range of industries and vertical markets. For example, Epicor ERP is particularly well suited for midmarket discrete manufacturing, notably in the industrial machinery, electronics and high tech, fabricated metals, and rubber and plastics industries. At the core of Epicor ERP is an agile business architecture designed to give companies the flexibility to adapt to the varying requirements of different countries, industries, and devices.

Epicor ERP provides the core  financial and human capital management software that many companies initially seek for ERP -- but it also offers  integrated software for customer relationship management, manufacturing operations, supply chain management, product management, planning and scheduling, sales management, service management and project management. Within this broad spectrum of ERP functionality, Epicor is able to offer industry-specific ERP systems designed to meet the needs of manufacturing, distribution and services industries.

A new release of Epicor ERP  is currently delivered to customers every six to twelve months. Epicor intends to move towards a four-month release cycle, backed by software that enables customers to stay current. The latest version of Epicor ERP is Epicor ERP 10, which is built on a 100% Microsoft stack, and is currently available in 35 languages with legislative support for more than 26 countries worldwide. Recently enhanced features include:

  • Enhanced financial planning and reporting.
  • Social collaboration (Epicor Social Enterprise) that drives employee collaboration, messaging, following and the use of popular social media.
  • An eCommerce connector and toolset (Epicor Commerce Connect)  that is fully integrated to Epicor ERP and that supports business-to-consumer (B2C), business-to-business (B2B) or business-to-business-to-consumer (B2B2C) online commerce (available at an additional fee).
  • On-the-fly product configuration for manufacturers that have products that can come in many variations and be custom configured.
  • Country-specific functionality that delivers out-of-the-box compliance with jurisdictional and legislative requirements.
  • A consistent, fluid user interface across all desktops and mobile devices.

Technical and application support centers are located around the world, with support being offered in over 20 different languages. Epicor also has a professional services organization that delivers implementation and customization services that are tailored to meet the specific requirements of clients. It offers both live and online training through Epicor University, as well as additional user resources for all experience levels and job roles. The company has a workforce of over 800 consultants, with a breadth of experience that covers industry verticals across manufacturing, distribution, retail, hospitality and services; as well as organizational challenge areas like change management, process improvement and specific program certifications like Six Sigma and Green Belt.

Epicor ERP is available in the cloud via software as a service (SaaS) subscription as well as on-premises and infrastructure as a service deployment from the same code base. Customers who opt for cloud deployment may choose either single or multi-tenant deployment.

Epicor has over 20,000 customers in more than 150 different countries, and serves small, midsize and large enterprises. On-premises systems can be purchased on a per-module basis and clients can add modules as the need arises. In the cloud, Epicor ERP is provided as SaaS. Pricing is by subscription, and is based on the number of users and the module selection.

Epicor sells its ERP in conjunction with the company’s Inspired Partner Network of over 400 value-added resellers, solutions, services and consulting partners globally. While Epicor does not offer a trial version of its ERP, it spends time working with potential clients to identify their unique business requirements and how the software can add value.

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