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Get SMART with the GEP source-to-pay platform

With SMART by GEP, users have access to a wide range of Microsoft Azure-powered, cloud-based e-procurement software, which can be used anywhere on any device.

SMART by GEP is a unified, cloud-based e-procurement software package designed by "procurement experts," according to GEP. The source-to-pay platform is made up of the following features: spend analytics, savings tracking, sourcing, contract management, supplier management and procure-to-pay.

What does the SMART by GEP procurement software platform offer?

The procure-to-pay software in the SMART by GEP source-to-pay package requires little to no training for users with experience of any level. Users can create and approve requisitions electronically for both catalog and noncatalog spending, making it simpler for users to choose what they would like to purchase. The catalog interface is rather simple, according to GEP, so users can choose goods and services through hosted or punch-out catalogs.

To create a purchase order, users can do so with or even without a requisition and then track it through all the phases of the procurement procedure. A line-by-line purchase structure and multiway invoice matching makes invoice management simpler with automatic invoice approvals as well as the ability to make exceptions.

Dynamic discounting helps users quickly recognize discounts and use available cash for early invoice payments. SMART by GEP boasts that since it is a consolidated platform, the procure-to-pay tools are not standalone, but rather work together to streamline procurement from end-to-end.

With an average classification accuracy of 95% or higher, the spend analysis software from SMART by GEP gives users clear information to use when looking at spending. Employees can see spend visibility across the enterprise and then use analytical reporting features to further assess the information. It also integrates and converts spending data automatically from all main systems into a lone data set.

Savings tracking software gives users a wide-ranging overview of the savings pipeline and the ability to collaborate with co-workers and stakeholders in real time. Users can form teams, give resources and unveil new savings projects and then track the savings as the year progresses.

The sourcing software in SMART by GEP simplifies the process of looking for the supplier that fits with its innate tools. With collaboration capabilities across offices, the ability for co-workers to assess suppliers, and create new requests for proposals and award contracts, users can measure the complete potential of supply markets and maximize the value of spending, which can increase competition for your organization.

A key part of the procurement process is keeping track of the status of contracts. Contract management software delivers complete, companywide capabilities with an array of tools. Users can collaborate on contracts, track them and get alerts for different responsibilities such as renewals. This allows for more efficient work practices along with labor-saving modernizations like automated document conception.

The supplier performance and management software gives SMART by GEP source-to-pay customers access to suppliers all around the world. In a lone, intuitive, accessible-from-any-device database, users can examine suppliers more closely with traceability and real-time visibility.

Cloud native source-to-pay software

SMART by GEP is cloud native. GEP has been able to execute as cloud native by partnering with Microsoft Azure, an open cloud platform that orchestrates efficient application creation and management through a worldwide network of Microsoft data centers.

With an extremely powerful cloud infrastructure in Azure, users can upscale performance and manage a growing procurement practice rather than dealing with new servers. Instead, users can just get the performance needed on demand or even restrict data to a certain region, all from the cloud application. The SMART by GEP platform powered by Azure assuages users' worries about insecure information, since there is no email sharing, or if a virtual private network will work abroad because it is cloud-based.

How is SMART by GEP priced and licensed?

Those interested in purchasing or licensing any of GEP's applications are encouraged to contact the company directly through its website. A demo is also available.

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