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HighJump's cloud-based WMS brings warehouse operations to the cloud

Whether in a private or public cloud, find flexibility and scalability with HighJump Software's cloud-based WMS, the warehouse management system that adapts to businesses' needs.

HighJump Software Inc.'s warehouse management system is cloud-based WMS software delivered as an end-to-end system. HighJump manages the entirety of its WMS technology and its underlying cloud infrastructure. This is an advantage for clients because there is only one vendor they need to work with (i.e., third-party cloud platforms aren't involved). HighJump WMS is delivered on both private and public cloud platforms, but the WMS software is the same regardless of how an enterprise chooses to run the cloud.

The HighJump cloud WMS software can scale from the needs of a single warehouse or distribution center to a large, global enterprise with dozens of distribution centers. Because HighJump's cloud-based WMS software has a broad range of built-in and configurable functionality, it can be adapted to the operations, reporting and compliance needs of many different industries and many different warehouse models. This flexibility is enabled through a series of switches and parameters in the software that users activate or specify as needed, all without the need to modify or add system code.

HighJump comes with "out of the box" functionality for inventory management including: inventory and putaway, cross transfers and cross-docking of inventory, inventory replenishment, quality control monitoring and checks of inventory. There are also order management functions such as item picking and packing, and kitting and value-added services. It also provides load optimization for shipments, shipping and handling item returns.

What types of businesses use HighJump?

HighJump customizes its cloud-based WMS software for the warehouse, distribution centers, third-party logistics (3PL) providers and companies seeking a WMS that can integrate with other ERP systems such as Microsoft Dynamics, SAP R/3, NetSuite, Oracle, Sage, Custom Integrations and SAP Business One. HighJump works well for industries like automotive, aerospace, consumer packaged goods, health and wellness, food distribution and processing, beverage, retail, craft brewing, and wineries.

For companies that desire to extend the functionality of the basic WMS into other aspects of the supply chain, HighJump also offers separate modules for labor management, slotting management, yard management, transportation operations (logistics), mobile delivery, trading partner integration, multicarrier parcel and less-than-truckload shipping, store operations, omnichannel fulfillment, e-commerce, supply chain analytics, and document imaging and management.

What's new with HighJump?

In August 2016, HighJump released the latest version of its cloud-based WMS software. Release 3PL 4.2 delivers enhancements in the areas of employee productivity and also integration with HighJump's profit work benchmark product, which measures profitability by facility or by customer.

HighJump provides 24/7, year-round support to clients. Clients have the choice of either having HighJump manage the full WMS infrastructure and applications in a public cloud or they can alternatively implement the HighJump private cloud WMS, where the client's in-house staff provides the infrastructure support services. In a private cloud instance, HighJump provides expertise on WMS applications.

HighJump hosts an annual users conference called Elevate in which participants can learn from and exchange ideas with HighJump staff and other system users. There is also HighJump University, which offers 24/7 online training videos for the cloud-based WMS software.

HighJump bases its cloud WMS software pricing on a per-subscription basis. It varies depending on how the HighJump cloud is implemented (i.e., public or private cloud) and on the needs of each individual client. For companies early in their WMS evaluation processes, HighJump's website provides both an ROI calculator and a template request for proposal form where organizations can document their WMS requirements.

A free trial offer for HighJump's cloud WMS is not available; however, HighJump does offer a system demo upon request.

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