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Increase efficiency with BirchStreet procure-to-pay software

BirchStreet procure-to-pay software offers organizations modular tools, including e-procurement, to help better track spending and improve efficiency.

BirchStreet is a cloud-based procure-to-pay software platform that helps organizations maximize efficiency and profits. BirchStreet allows organizations to monitor their spending, tracking and inventory, and provides users access to reporting and analytical tools.

What is offered in the BirchStreet procure-to-pay platform?

BirchStreet's procure-to-pay software platform is made up of individual modules that allow clients to purchase whichever products they prefer. The two core products offered in the platform are eProcurement and AP 3-Way Auto-Matching, and BirchStreet's Inventory Control, Recipe Management System and Capital Budget Management are also available.

The BirchStreet eProcurement software module helps organizations become more efficient when finding items, ordering, budgeting and tracking purchases. The platform's automated electronic purchase orders (POs), requisitions and requests for quotations (RFQs) capabilities can help organizations save time and money while also maximizing productivity with all purchasing activity tracked automatically. And since each component that makes up the BirchStreet procure-to-pay software platform is modular, organizations have the flexibility to choose which, if any, other modules their operations would like to utilize in addition to eProcurement.

The BirchStreet AP 3-Way Auto-Matching module offers organizations budgeting tools that help streamline the accounting process. BirchStreet Inventory Control helps organizations manage, track and replenish their inventories. The BirchStreet Recipe Management System is specifically targeted at enterprises with food operations to assist them with controlling margins and food costs across multiple locations while also managing suppliers. Organizations can use BirchStreet Capital Budget Management to help grow profit margins and provide higher transparency and accountability for their expenditures. And with BirchStreet Reporting & Analytics, users have access to over 140 standard reports that help them with their data finding needs.   

How does e-procurement from BirchStreet maximize efficiency?

Because BirchStreet is offered as a cloud-based software, the platform offers a tailored Marketplace where users can log in online and access new features and functionality on a monthly basis. Through the Marketplace, users can streamline their purchase processes by connecting with suppliers, searching for items in catalogs, making POs, routing approvals, and budgeting and tracking items.

When items are received, customers can log into the system and find the PO they're looking for, automatically matched. Customers will then start receiving the subsequent documents and purchase invoices. With this feature, users can eliminate certain manual processes, thereby saving themselves time and adding to overall productivity. All spending is also tracked within the system, so data and visibility can be available real time, which helps clients make more informed business decisions quickly and confidently.

While BirchStreet operates on Windows, users only need a web browser -- Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox or Safari -- to access the Marketplace, which is done so via a private, secure website. BirchStreet also integrates with a wide array of different ERP systems, including ACCPAC, JD Edwards, M3, Oracle, PeopleSoft SAP, Sage, Sun Microsystems and more.

The majority of BirchStreet's customers are large enterprises, but the company also offers services to SMBs as well. One of the markets where the platform has been most widely adopted is the hospitality industry, where, according to BirchStreet, a number of the leading players in the field are utilizing the software, including Hilton and Marriott, along with more. Additional industries where the software has been adopted, according to BirchStreet, include airports, clubs, education, entertainment venues, food manufacturing, food service management, gaming, healthcare, restaurants and stadiums.

How is BirchStreet licensed, priced and sold?

BirchStreet offers different pricing and licensing options that cater to the needs of the organization. BirchStreet is typically offered as a subscription, with pricing determined according to the number of locations and modules chosen. Those interested should contact BirchStreet directly for specifications. There is a one-time implementation fee when purchasing from BirchStreet and recurring annual fees -- including support contracts -- thereafter. While there is not a free trial, there is a "sandbox environment" offered by BirchStreet that allows users to experiment with the software before their personalized Marketplace goes live. 

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