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Increase efficiency with automation in the PROACTIS procurement suite

PROACTIS helps organizations streamline the procurement process with the spend control applications in its procurement suite, saving time and money for enterprises.

PROACTIS brands itself as "the spend control company," providing customers with software packages for finance as well as procurement. PROACTIS offers suites for e-procurement as well as finance, with the procurement suite featuring cloud or on-premises software applications that save money, mitigate risk and maximize efficiency.  

What are the applications in the PROACTIS procurement suite?

PROACTIS' e-procurement software is designed specifically to automate monotonous administrative tasks, facilitate increased, self-service buying and increase immediate access to information that can accelerate the procurement process. Each of the PROACTIS procurement suite applications serves a specific purpose and also contains various beneficial features.

Supplier Management allows users to have complete control of the supplier lifecycle, even when there are thousands of different suppliers to look through. With features like a supplier directory, users can access all available information about suppliers as well as their certifications, contacts, goods, locations and services. Supplier On-Boarding eliminates paperwork by automating certain processes electronically so users can automatically score responses, craft questionnaires and choose suppliers, which saves time for them and their suppliers. The Supplier Network is used across a variety of PROACTIS applications in different suites, enabling intuitive communication between users and suppliers where users may also give a quote for a job, receive purchase orders and store invoices.

PROACTIS Sourcing gives users the ability to streamline, standardize and then continually improve every facet of the sourcing process resulting in better compliance and savings. Event Manager helps users plan and execute sourcing events while the RFx Document Manager accelerates the process of publishing request for information, request for proposal or request for quotation documents. Users can easily view competing bids from suppliers with the Quick Quote Manager. Auction Manager then automates the bidding and auctioning processes.

Handling hundreds or possibly thousands of contracts is an extremely difficult task, but with Contract Management from PROACTIS users are able to access all supplier contracts on a single platform. The electronic contract repository keeps track of every contract and alerts users whenever actions need to be taken. Content Supplier helps organizations make informed purchases from the supplier that fits well while also providing good value. With this software, users can keep every supplier catalog in a single organized place, manage suppliers and goods in the PROACTIS Marketplace, and lookout over inventory to dodge unnecessary spending.

When delegating all of these tasks to employees, organizations also need a way to see companywide data on spending. The Spend Analysis software does this in almost real time, according to PROACTIS, which lowers risk and increases efficiency across the whole organization. Supplier and transaction data can be stored easily after being imported and users can check if there are errors. When it is ready to be classified, a "self-learning artificial intelligence" handles the rest. The software also features wide-ranging prebuilt views, key performance indicators and instant comma-separated values export capabilities. Once all the information is gathered, users can look at the spending data to further optimize the procurement process.

How is the PROACTIS procurement suite priced and licensed?

Anyone potentially interested in purchasing or licensing any of the applications offered by PROACTIS can contact the company directly through the website.

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