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Manufacturers find purpose-built cloud ERP software in Plex

With Plex Manufacturing Cloud, Plex offers purpose-built, cloud ERP software tailored to meet the needs of manufacturers looking to build for IoT or go lean.

The Plex Manufacturing Cloud is cloud ERP software that is specialized for manufacturers. The systems configurations possible with Plex can be purpose-built for industry verticals such as high-tech and electronics manufacturers, industrial manufacturing and precision manufacturing, as well as aerospace and defense, the automotive industry, and the food and beverage industry. Plex further purpose-builds its systems for specific manufacturing practices such as the internet of things, lean manufacturing, manufacturing intelligence and mixed-mode manufacturing that consists of both batch manufacturing and process flow work.

Plex's core modules

The Plex Manufacturing Cloud is comprised of several modules that make it an ideal choice for manufacturers in search of cloud ERP software. One such module is the account and financials tools, which include core accounting features such as ledgers, accounts receivable and accounts payable activities. This module also has project accounting, budgeting and reporting, and analysis capabilities. It provides audit trails of all financial information.

Another module in Plex's cloud ERP software system is the customers and sales management toolkit. The functions found in this module allow enterprises to perform sales and operations planning, electronic data interchange (EDI) and supply chain management. It also hosts customer-facing applications that give customers the ability to communicate and interact with the business.

To assist in management, there's an enterprise management module, which includes a relational structure chart for enterprises; regional tax structures; and centralized sales order, credit checking, bank reconciliation, purchasing, negotiation and price management. A more worker-focused, human capital management module has workforce management and compliant functions and lets enterprises manage payroll, costs and talent.

Automation of reorders, purchasing and quotation requests can all be completed through the suppliers and purchasing module that Plex offers. Alongside the automated features there is EDI, quality management, and inventory tracking and supplier ratings that round out the functions of this module.

Enterprises can plan inputs into material requirements planning and productions systems with the planning and scheduling module.

How does Plex Manufacturing Cloud operate?

Plex runs and operates the Plex Manufacturing Cloud as a multi-tenant cloud service that is delivered as software as a service, meaning that system maintenance and updates are performed by Plex. The Plex ERP cloud service level is an uninterrupted, 24/7 operation, with an uptime guarantee of 99.985%. Its quality management system helps maintain compliance with quality standards including ISO 9000 and ISO 14000, QS-9000, TS-16949, and AS-9100.

The Plex Manufacturing Cloud ERP system is accessible via standard web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Edge, Chrome and Safari, but Plex also recognizes that many clients require that their core ERP systems be integrated with other third-party systems. For this purpose, Plex offers a set of integration tools known as the Plex Integration PlatPlex platform. This platform uses industry standards and maintains complete security control, ensuring that security rules are maintained regardless of data origin. The Plex Integration Platform ensures that all transactions and data going into Plex systems are vetted through Plex business logic. By integrating all information through its core-centralized business logic, Plex ensures system-wide data integrity.

How does Plex support its cloud ERP software?

Plex offers three different levels of customer care to its clients. Its basic customer care is Silver Care, which is included with every Plex module. Silver Care provides technical support coverage during critical hours of operation (24/5) and avails two personal account representatives whom you can contact, and who are backed by manufacturing system specialists on the Plex customer care team. Under Silver Care, the enterprise's system is monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week. An intermediate customer care package, known as Gold Care, provides quicker response time, uninterrupted support hours and monthly mentoring sessions. The client has four authorized support contacts and can submit cases live by phone. Platinum Care is Plex's premium customer care program. The client obtains a dedicated support manager and an annual business review, scheduled onsite visits, and ready phone access to Plex customer care resources, in addition to all of the benefits offered in the Gold program.

Plex also offers a broad array of pay-for professional services options to its clients. This starts with professional implementation services by experts who have extensive backgrounds in manufacturing. There is also an expert configuration service for the business' system and an optimization service that assures that Plex's customers are continuing to get the most value out of the system that their company has invested in. Plex professional services also offer mentoring and business consulting to help leverage the latest enhancements and best practices.

Plex provides a variety of pay-for training formats that include online training, virtual training, on demand training and personal training. It offers unlimited online training through its All Access Pass program and also a five-day boot camp. 

The Plex partnership network consists of advisory partners, service partners, solutions partners and referral partners, which gives the company a well-rounded perspective of the manufacturing industry and the technology that is needed to support it.

Plex may be contacted directly by companies interested in purchasing the Plex Manufacturing Cloud. It is sold on a subscription basis.

Plex does not offer free trials of its manufacturing cloud ERP software, but clients can request a free demo.

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