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Run SAP ERP modules as SaaS in the SAP Business One Cloud

With SAP ERP modules like accounting and finance and inventory and distribution management, SAP Business One Cloud is a full-fledged cloud ERP system for businesses of all sizes.

The SAP Business One Cloud system is a cloud-based ERP system that is based on SAP's on-premises Business One system. It is particularly well suited to small and medium-sized companies that want the benefits of the SAP ERP modules, but not the headaches or the overhead of having to run and support the on-premises ERP system.

To further this value proposition, SAP offers SAP Business One Cloud as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) ERP offering, where the client-selected, SAP Business One Cloud business partner manages and supports the software. SAP offers this through its worldwide business partner network. Among SAP business partners that support the SAP Business One Cloud system are Microsoft, through Microsoft Azure; Amazon Web Services; and IBM. Coordinating with clients, the cloud host business partners handle system upgrades, backups and maintenance. Clients have the opportunity to select the cloud host that they prefer.

The SAP ERP modules available in Business One Cloud

SAP Business One Cloud runs several SAP ERP modules including accounting and finance, sales and customer management, purchasing and operations, inventory and distribution, and reporting and administration. The accounting and finance module includes daily accounting and banking functions along with financial reporting and analysis. The sales and customer management module manages the end-to-end sales process and customer lifecycle from initial contact all the way to final sale and after-sales service. Purchasing and operations capabilities encompass the management of the entire order-to-pay cycle, which includes receipts, invoices and returns. The inventory and distribution management module does just that, using various costing methods while providing real-time visibility into inbound and outbound shipments. Rounding out the core SAP ERP modules, reporting and administration functions generate cyclical and on-demand reporting on a vast number of activities throughout the company.

SAP Business One Cloud also offers add-on SAP ERP modules that address industry-specific needs, along with localized versions of its software that support 41 different countries and 27 different languages. Among the industry-specific options that are available with SAP Business One Cloud are purpose-built software for consumer products, industrial machinery and components, professional services, retail and wholesale distribution.

What are the tech specs for SAP Business One Cloud?

SAP Business One Cloud runs on the SAP HANA and Microsoft SQL Server platforms. Users access the SAP ERP modules through a standard web browser such as Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer or Edge.

Through its network of cloud-hosting business partners, SAP Business One Cloud offers multiple data centers for system failover and redundancy, 24/7 monitoring, and a choice of either multi- or single-tenant hosting in the cloud. Each hosting partner has its own set of disaster recovery and failover objectives and service level agreements and offers a choice of service levels that clients can subscribe to as part of their SaaS agreements. Major cloud hosting providers such as Microsoft, Amazon and IBM also regularly perform security, IT and compliance audits of their cloud environments.

SAP offers four different levels of technical support for its products: Enterprise Support, Preferred Care Support, Active Embedded Support and Max Attention Support. Enterprise Support provides 24/7 support services and a tech support advisory team and setup service for clients that are new to SAP Business One Cloud. Preferred Care Support adds to this a dedicated account representative and opportunities for more rapid response times to incidents that the client has an option to subscribe to. Active Embedded Support enables clients to interact with on-site SAP experts and to also plan for business continuity operations, in addition to supporting those options available in the lower level SAP Preferred Care Support. Max Attention Support provides all of the options of Active Embedded Support, but adds an on-staff Business One expert.

SAP offers a wide array of training options for its Business One product line. These include training at SAP Business One University, online training courses, training videos, personal on-site training conducted by SAP Business One professionals and even a formal certification program that is available to individuals on SAP Business One. All are pay-for options that clients may choose from. Through its business partner network, SAP also offers pay-for consulting on SAP Business One Cloud.

The pricing for SAP Business One Cloud is based upon the number of users and the length of the client's contract, with a minimum contract term of 12 months. 

SAP does not offer a free trial of SAP Business One Cloud, but it does offer a free demo.

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