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SAP Ariba streamlines the full e-procurement process

Organizations can improve efficiency and lower costs with cloud-based SAP Ariba procurement software, offering complete service throughout the e-procurement process.

SAP Ariba features a wide array of cloud-based procurement software options that assist companies in handling the e-procurement process. From sourcing and orders to invoice and payment, SAP Ariba's procurement software offers organizations full end-to-end service so the entire e-procurement process is covered.

How does SAP Ariba streamline the e-procurement process?

SAP Ariba's e-procurement software can lower costs while also maximizing efficiency during the e-procurement process.

To consolidate the procurement procedure, e-procurement software from SAP Ariba has some key parts that make up the entire package. Collaborative Sourcing helps aid the processes of contract and risk management along with sourcing. Collaborative Finance allows corporations to build substantial business value by lowering payables processing costs while also providing invoice compliance, granting complete visibility into payables status and decreasing supply chain costs and liquidity risk. It offers supplier right to use of accelerated cash flow, putting out extra money to possibly get millions in early-pay discounts and increasing working capital performance and cash flow.

Other main components of SAP Ariba's procurement software suite include document collaboration and automation, as well as Procure-To-Pay. Also offered is Spot Buying, which offers organizations the option to make a user-like shopping experience where employees can look for and buy noncontracted items that comply with company policies. This can greatly reduce or even eliminate maverick spending.

How does SAP Ariba's e-procurement maximize efficiency?

On average, operating can costs are lowered by 60% along with a 1% to 8% reduction in supply chain costs. Efficiency can also be improved with 50% to 75% faster transaction cycles, and many customers can even get 90% fully automated transaction processing. With 60% improvements in order accuracy, greater data accuracy is also notable because this lowers the risk of running out of or excessively stockpiling inventory. This can also help increase sales with 5% to 20% increases in revenue with new customers along with a 30% or more higher share of wallet with current customers. Furthermore, there is also a 15% improvement in retention rates among customers.

Even though SAP Ariba is constantly renovating its procurement software, it is modular, so customers can buy certain components to maintain whatever e-procurement process needs there may be. With 25 industry verticals across all major global markets, SAP Ariba software can be tailored to organizations of all sizes.

SAP Ariba Procurement Software Solutions provide complete integration capabilities between Ariba Sourcing, Contract Management and Procurement Software Solutions; the Ariba Network; and SAP Fieldglass to back-end systems like ERP, SAP S/4HANA and master data governance systems, along with real-time budget check integration between Ariba's procurement software and SAP ERP. The procurement software also now integrates with Oracle E-Business Suite 12.2.4.

Since it is software as a service (SaaS), there are no browser restrictions when using SAP Ariba Procurement Software Solutions. More specifically, users and suppliers can connect through the Ariba Network, which is an open platform that can be connected to no matter the back-end system that may be in use, and it also has a number of easy integration options. As a cloud-based network, SAP Ariba is able to update the software and automatically supply them to customers as they become available with over 300 new features added last year alone.

How does SAP Ariba license, price and sell its software?

SAP Ariba Procurement Software Solutions pricing and licensing deployment options range depending on the size of the organization. For licensing, since the software is subscription-based, the number of users or spending volume will determine the cost. Overall pricing, again, depends on similar variables: number of users, documents or spend throughput. There are free trial options depending on the customers, industry and region. Support is included as part of the subscription.    

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