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The Siemens product lifecycle management software suite

The Siemens product lifecycle management software suite comes with loads of different product design and development tools, and is customizable for enterprises' needs.

Siemens provides product lifecycle management that integrates data, processes, business systems and people in an extended enterprise. Siemens PLM Software covers every phase of product lifecycle management -- from product innovation and inception to delivery, maintenance and disposal. Siemens PLM Software is available on premises and runs on most popular hardware and operating system platforms. Siemens also provides a cloud-based version on Microsoft Windows Azure, IBM SmartCloudEnterprise or Amazon Web Services.

The Siemens product lifecycle management suite contains the following modules, which are independently configurable based on each client's business needs. Teamcenter, Siemens PLM Software core and required module, helps companies deliver increasingly complex products to market while streamlining productivity and global operations.

Active Integration is another module that provides a collaborative framework between Teamcenter and other application systems. This module enables bidirectional information exchange across the enterprise.

NX is the Siemens product lifecycle management module that delivers integrated computer-aided design (CAD), computer-aided manufacturing, and computer-aided engineering applications that can re-use product and process knowledge. Other design-focused modules that Siemens PLM Software hosts are SolidEdge, an ecosystem of tools that addresses all aspects of the product development process; Fiberism, a suite of software that supports all of the unique complex design and manufacturing methodologies needed to engineer products made of composite materials; Seat Design Environment, a module fully integrated into commercial 3D CAD systems for designing innovative transportation seat systems and interior components; and Syncrofit, a family of specialized engineering products for designing and manufacturing complex assemblies and aerostructures that enables sites to author and manage the assembly interfaces and hundreds of thousands of fasteners that are typical in an airframe.

Femap, which is CAD-independent, is a Windows-native pre- and post-processor for advanced engineering Finite Element Analysis. LMS, another module in the Siemens PLM Software suite is a portfolio of mechatronic simulation software, testing systems and engineering services that addresses the complex engineering challenges associated with intelligent system design and model-based systems engineering.

Two more modules of the Siemens product lifecycle management portfolio are Tecnomatix and the Quality Planning Environment (QPE). Tecnomatix helps companies synchronize product engineering, manufacturing engineering and production activities. QPE streamlines the engineering process and the development of 3D model-based inspection plans by reducing -- or even eliminating -- manual tasks through standardization and automation of tasks.

PLM Components enables diverse manufacturing enterprises to share information with partners and suppliers, regardless of the PLM applications used by the different organizations.

The latest round of enhancements to Siemens PLM Software, Teamcenter 11, was delivered in September 2015, and featured new capabilities across the entire Siemens product lifecycle management portfolio by seamlessly integrating application lifecycle management tools, data and processes within the PLM environment. Release 11 also improved the functionality of the product's Active Workspace, a highly visual and personalized environment tailored for the instant access of information. Additionally, new enhancements enabled more active sharing and collaboration in product engineering. Release 11 comes with preconfigured multi-CAD data management capabilities and workflows, so companies have just what they need to get up and running, but also have a future growth path into the product. The other Teamcenter updates allow suppliers to work more independently while collaborating with customers, and streamline a customer's ability to check products for compliance with substance and environmental regulations along with the ability to integrate third-party or legacy enterprise applications with common messaging, data communication and data transformation capabilities.

Companies from a diverse set of industry verticals use Siemens' PLM tool, particularly those in the aerospace and defense, automotive and transportation, consumer products and retail, electronics and semiconductors, energy and utilities, industrial machinery and heavy equipment, marine and medical devices, and pharmaceuticals industries. In size, companies using Siemens PLM Software range from small and medium-sized businesses to large enterprises.

Through its Advantage Services Plan, Siemens offers a choice of technical support and service options for its PLM system. There are four different plan levels that are available at an extra charge:

  • Platinum -- Designed for customers who experience serious business interruptions if critical building systems fail.
  • Gold -- Meets the needs of companies that are seeking a partner to ensure dependability and high reliability from their systems, and helps companies plan, budget and control their operating costs.
  • Silver -- Serves as an economical choice for customers that want reliable back-up support for their maintenance staff so they can minimize the downtime of building systems and equipment.
  • Bronze -- Designed for customers who need occasional expert support for their maintenance staff. It also meets the need for specific services where a customer requires the expertise of Siemens PLM staff.

Because Siemens serves many different industry verticals, these plans can be tailored to the needs most enterprises seeking a PLM tool. Siemens also offers pay-for-training options that are available throughout the world and that can be customized to the needs of individual companies.

Siemens PLM Software is available for individual licensing, corporate site licensing, rental and cloud-based licensing.

Siemens offers a free trial opportunity for its PLM tool through the Siemens PLM trial center.

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