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Top five ERP planning, implementation and upgrade tips of 2008

Read expert advice and how-to articles on everything from forming an ERP project timeline to implementing an ERP upgrade.

As 2008 draws to a close, we reviewed's top tips of he year. In these tips, ERP experts...

provided guidance for the entire cycle of ERP selection, implementation and upgrade. From articles on upgrade strategies to expert advice on selecting the perfect ERP suite, 2008 was full of resources for ERP newcomers and veterans alike. Here are's top five ERP tips of the past year:

1. For those at the beginning of the ERP journey, our experts offered advice for estimating your ERP implementation timeline. In this tip, they cautioned readers to take their vendors' aggressive schedules with a grain of salt and outlined the key elements of a solid ERP implementation project timeline.

2. Selecting the right ERP software for your business needs can be challenging. To ensure that you get the most out of your ERP purchase, our experts explained how to evaluate manufacturing ERP software usability.

3. Ready to plan for that big ERP upgrade? For smooth sailing, we learned that it's key to ensure you have the right people involved in the project. Check out this article to find out who needs to be on the ERP upgrade team.

4. Even the best-laid ERP implementation plans can go awry. Knowing what pitfalls to look out for now will minimize costly errors later. That's why our experts are here to give you advice, such as the 10 common ERP implementation project mistakes to avoid.

5. Implementations aren't the only error-prone ERP projects; ERP upgrades can produce just as many headaches. Our guide on ERP Upgrades: Mistakes to Avoid offered valuable tips for all the stages of an upgrade, from planning to execution to follow-up.

If you still need more planning, implementation and upgrade advice, visit's Ask the Experts section.

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