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News roundup: 3-D printing ethics debates on horizon

In this news roundup, read about 3-D printing ethics issues, WFT Cloud's new SAP HANA support and the U.K.'s latest supply chain initiative.

Gartner predicts 3-D printing ethics debate

While three-dimensional printing is a technology with seemingly limitless possibilities, the growth of "bioprinting" opens the door to a host of ethical debates, Gartner warned in a new report titled "Predicts 2014: 3D Printing at the Inflection Point."

Pete Basiliere, research director at Gartner, believes that in coming years, facilities with the ability to create 3-D printed human tissue and organs will manifest faster than our understanding of how to handle any potential ethical issues, such as quality control and ease of access. With 3-D printing becoming more widely accepted by healthcare companies and hospitals, demand for bioprinted body parts, as well as nonliving tissue prosthetics, will only become stronger, he said.

WFT Cloud to assist with SAP HANA migrations

Private cloud services provider WFT Cloud is targeting SAP customers with its new migration services. The company is offering assistance to companies looking to migrate their in-house SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse (BW) system to its hosted SAP HANA platform, which WFT will host on its private cloud.

WFT Cloud's SAP migration service will include an upgrade of the customer's SAP NetWeaver BW software to version 7.3. The provider will also design, build and manage any changes to the customer's SAP NetWeaver BW landscape that are necessary to run on its SAP HANA cloud platform.

U.K. gives boost to advanced manufacturing supply chains

Across the pond, U.K. Business Secretary Vince Cable announced a new government initiative to aid the country's advanced manufacturing supply chains. The £125 million plan, known as the Advanced Manufacturing Supply Chain Initiative, is designed to improve the global competitiveness of these supply chains while encouraging more suppliers to choose the U.K. as a manufacturing site.

The Advanced Manufacturing Supply Chain Initiative will lend support to projects in the U.K.'s advanced manufacturing sectors, including aerospace, automotive and chemicals. Additionally, the initiative will target opportunities for growth in sustainable supply chain practices, such as carbon footprint offsetting and renewable energy sources.

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