News roundup: Oracle in-memory database poised to hit market

In this week's news, learn about Oracle's in-memory database release, Plex's plans for ERP on Google Glass, and Ramco's new software for professional services.

Oracle touts new in-memory capabilities for real-time communications

ERP giant Oracle released information this week on its new Oracle Database In-Memory product. The database is expected to be generally available within 60 days, Oracle CEO Larry Ellison said during a live webcast.

The Oracle in-memory platform will provide customers with improved performance through direct-to- RAM computing, the company said, taking advantage of the Oracle software's already existing database scalability and security capabilities. This move puts Oracle in direct competition with rival SAP and its HANA in-memory database platform.

"By raising the bar on speed, Oracle Database In-Memory enables customers to compound the value of their existing applications by deriving new insights and business opportunities faster," said Steve Miranda, executive vice president of application development at Oracle.

Plex sets sights on Google Glass ERP integration

Cloud ERP provider Plex Systems has announced its plan for integration with Google Glass, as well as a new role-based user experience. The new user experience is designed to allow users to easily connect across multiple wireless devices, from smartphones to shop floor equipment. Plex hopes it will also improve connectivity between different departments across a manufacturing organization.

The Google Glass integration will enable users to wear Google Glass on the shop floor and receive instant data updates on the statuses of equipment, materials and workers. Ultimately, the integration will create hands-free access to a real-time flow of manufacturing information.

"We see manufacturing as the first 'killer app' for Google Glass, providing seamless connectivity to systems, machines, information, and transactions for workers on the shop floor, where hands-free is an imperative," said Jerry Foster, vice president of research and development at Plex. "The Plex Manufacturing Cloud is designed to provide universal connectivity to every component in the manufacturing supply chain… making it easy to bring innovative new devices like Google Glass onto the shop floor."

Ramco launches service-centric ERP

Ramco Systems, a cloud enterprise applications vendor, is expanding its ERP coverage into the professional services industry with the release of Ramco Service Resource Planning (SRP). The new software is designed to help manage people and project-centric initiatives in professional service environments such as consulting firms, IT and IT-enabled service companies and staffing organizations. It will feature real-time data transfers, as well as modules to help with employee training, financial management, customer service management and project implementation, according to the press release.

"Professional Services is one of the fastest growing industry segments, globally. Interestingly, this segment had to either manage with multiple point solutions or mask into a standard ERP which is built for manufacturing industry," said Virender Aggarwal, CEO of Ramco. "In order to address this segment, we invested in building an offering which would address people-centric and project-based organizations."

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