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Only quarter of users access mobile ERP via smartphone, tablet

A recent survey of ERP professionals had some interesting results on ERP satisfaction, mobility and cloud.

While 65% of business professionals see software mobility as important, only 1 in 4 can access their mobile ERP applications from a smartphone or tablet.

Those were two of the findings of a recent survey by Redshift Research Ltd. ERP software vendor Epicor Software Corp., which paid for the survey, released the results on Monday.

Redshift conducted the survey this summer via online interviews of 1,500 business professionals working in organizations that use ERP and have at least 100 employees. About half of the survey takers were in manufacturing, with the rest spread out among the distribution, logistics, service and retail industries.

Many findings from the survey echo other research on mobile ERP software -- namely that most people find ERP to be important to their organization, but aren't too impressed with the ERP technology that's available. In this particular survey, 80% said that mobile ERP is critical to their business, but half said their ERP software performance is "adequate" or "basic."

A few other data points from the survey:

  • 35% said it can take a long time to get information they need from their mobile ERP system.
  • Only 10% said their ERP system can use social media "to a great extent."
  • 64% said they favored a cloud deployment or the ability to mix cloud with on-premises software.

Infor announces cloud software for manufacturers

ERP provider Infor on Monday announced cloud software specifically for manufacturers, including tools that can help manage shop floor scheduling and quality control.

Infor CloudSuite Industrial is the latest in a round of vertical industry modules that Infor has rolled out on Amazon Web Services. The company first announced CloudSuite in March, and now has modules for the automotive, defense and hospitality industries, among others.

CloudSuite Industrial includes features for shop-floor management, customer relationship management, reporting and analytics, procurement and other supply chain functions, product lifecycle management, and process management. Pricing is per user, per month, but Infor did not provide more details beyond that.

Info also announced a separate product on Monday called Infor Factory Track, which claims to match enterprise plans with manufacturing processes.

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