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Five reasons to trust cloud financial applications


Cloud finance applications are cost-effective

Companies can't afford not to leap into the cloud. The cost savings are real. You no longer have to pay for someone to install and update software (heck, sometimes you don't even have to pay for the software!), install and manage servers, and run backups -- the business of maintaining the service or application is the responsibility of the cloud vendor, not yours. "The economics are compelling. There's no longer any justifiable reason to fear the cloud," said West of Saugatuck.

Cloud finance applications provide finance executives with the information they need, the way they need it, when they need it, wherever they are in the world – and they do so securely and privately with greater flexibility and lower costs than traditional on-premises tools, Saugatuck concludes. The challenge for decision makers is balancing concerns about the cloud with the reality of what it is really possible to do on-premises.

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