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Epicor weighs in on social, mobile, cloud and the future of ERP

Malcolm Fox, vice president of product marketing at ERP giant Epicor, describes the impact that social, mobile and cloud technology is having on ERP.

Malcolm Fox, vice president of product marketing, EpicorMalcolm Fox, vice president
of product marketing, Epicor

The enterprise resource planning (ERP) software market is pretty mature. After all, the technology has been around for quite some time. But that doesn't mean that ERP is done changing.

Relatively new market forces like social media technology, the push for mobility in IT and cloud computing will all have a significant impact on the future of ERP, according to Malcolm Fox, the vice president of product marketing at ERP software giant Epicor.

In this podcast, SearchManufacturingERP talks to Fox about Epicor's approach to ERP and what sets that company apart from its rivals, like Oracle, SAP, Microsoft and Infor. Fox also talks about mobile, social and cloud technologies and, specifically, explains how each of them will affect the future of ERP technology. According to Fox, mobility and cloud are already having a major impact, while the effect of social technology is still in its infancy.

Fox also had plenty of advice for organizations that are considering a new ERP project or attempting to optimize an existing implementation.


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