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Midmarket ERP software evaluation tips

Midmarket manufacturers have a lot to consider when selecting ERP software. Get midmarket ERP software evaluation tips -- and learn how to avoid common mistakes that can slow you down.

More and more midmarket manufacturers are turning to ERP to help them better compete in the global market, according to experts. But now, organizations find themselves with a wide range of ERP software choices. Navigating the ERP market, selecting and evaluating technology can be a major challenge -- especially for midmarket manufacturers with unique needs, changing business requirements and rapid growth plans.

In this podcast, get expert tips and advice from Jim Shepherd, senior vice president of research for AMR Research. Find out how to narrow down the options, and learn what to do (and what not to do) to effectively evaluate midmarket ERP software.

In this 15-minute podcast, appropriate for both business and IT ERP professionals, listeners will:

  • Learn how to navigate the many options to create a vendor shortlist -- and find out why RFP processes aren't the best method any more
  • Hear the most common mistakes that AMR sees midmarket organizations make during this process -- and find out how to avoid them
  • Find out how to structure an evaluation process, get expert best practices and learn what to look for to select the right ERP software package for your midmarket organization

  Midmarket ERP software evaluation tips  

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Get midmarket ERP software evaluation tips and learn how to avoid common mistakes in this podcast.

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About the speaker: Jim Shepherd brings more than 30 years of manufacturing, operations and software industry experience to his role as senior vice president of research for AMR Research. His coverage area includes ERP systems, supply chain management, and the governance of global IT operations. Jim also leads AMR Research's team of analysts covering enterprise applications. Jim helped to develop AMR Research's coverage of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and was the first analyst named as an AMR Research Fellow.

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