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Performance management trends, with Howard Dresner

Howard Dresner explains corporate performance management, discusses trends and gives advice in this podcast.

Performance management is transforming forward-thinking organizations, according to Howard Dresner, consultant, author, former Gartner analyst and inventor of the term "business intelligence" (BI). Corporate performance management (CPM), also known as business performance management (BPM) or enterprise performance management (EPM), helps companies use the insight gleaned from BI systems to align strategy and execution, which ultimately improves efficiency and the bottom line, according to Dresner.

While early performance management programs often focused solely on finance functions such as budgeting and forecasting, successful performance management programs now reach enterprise-wide. CPM is not just a software component -- it's a program that often involves a shift in organizational cultures, processes and technology, Dresner said. That means it's not always easy or inexpensive, but the benefits are ultimately worth it, he said.

In this 20-minute podcast, appropriate for executives, business and IT leaders, listeners will:

  • Learn more about modern performance management and find out how it differs from basic budgeting programs of the past
  • Get advice for how to begin, or expand, performance management initiatives and find out more about the business case for performance management
  • Find out important trends today's performance management market, including Dresner's take on CPM vendors such as Microsoft
  • Hear more about the relationship between ERP, business intelligence and performance management
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Performance management trends, with Howard Dresner

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About the speaker: Howard Dresner is founder of New Hampshire-based BI consultancy Dresner Advisory Services LLC and author of The Performance Management Revolution. He is well known for coining the term "business intelligence" in 1989 and spent 13 years at Gartner, as lead analyst for Business Intelligence. During his tenure, he was selected as "analyst of the year" twice, inducted as a Gartner "cultural icon," and was named a Distinguished Analyst in 2003 and Gartner Fellow in 2004. In 2005, he left Gartner and joined Hyperion Solutions as Chief Strategy Officer. As CSO, he focused internally on corporate strategy, product direction, and acquisitions. Externally, he drove thought leadership initiatives and served as a "voice" of Hyperion for customers, analysts and the market at large. Early in 2007 Hyperion was acquired by Oracle for a 30% premium. Though Oracle offered Dresner a role, he left to start his own consultancy.

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