• The future of RFID: What's in store for the next generation of RFID

    RFID is rapidly evolving, as early adopters learn more about how to best use and deploy the technology -- and technologists develop new and interesting RFID innovations. And, as more companies experiment with RFID, more potential use cases are emerging around how RFID technology can be used to solve real-world business problems. In this podcast, get some inspiration and insight about the future of RFID. SearchManufacturingERP.com talked to Ken Traub, independent consultant and a recognized expert to find out what's in store for RFID and learn more about the most interesting developments going on today in RFID.

  • Is your organization really ready for RFID?

    RFID can be a major benefit to manufacturing organizations -- but as with any project with unique complexities and significant costs, it's not for everyone. In this podcast, we discuss how to determine if your organization is ready for RFID. Will RFID offer your organization the kind of benefits you're after? Does your company have the right infrastructure in place for RFID? What common mistakes should you avoid in planning for RFID? Hear more about how to determine whether your organization is truly ready for RFID, in this discussion with an experienced RFID expert.

  • Is RFID worth the time, cost and effort?

    RFID is innovative, interesting technology, but it's also notoriously complicated and expensive to deploy. So, is it worth all of the time, cost and effort required to find true ROI from RFID? In this podcast, we explore how to assess whether your manufacturing organization will benefit from RFID -- covering some of the common use cases, typical project costs and what to consider when deciding whether RFID is a worthwhile investment for your company. SearchManufacturingERP.com caught up with expert analyst Roy C. Wildeman of Forrester Research for a frank discussion about RFID.

  • Leveraging ERP software's workflow management capabilities: Tips and advice for getting started

    Workflow management has evolved over decades. Today, there are many options for workflow management, especially in ERP environments, and the benefits can be compelling. Companies can find notable improvements in efficiency and profitability when they truly understand cross-functional business processes -- and have a method to link and manage these processes across their organizations. So, in this podcast, we explore how organizations can effectively leverage workflow management in ERP environments. We also find out how to build a business case for workflow, get funding to get started and how to get a project off the ground.

  • Midmarket ERP software evaluation tips

    Midmarket manufacturers have a lot to consider when selecting ERP software. Get midmarket ERP software evaluation tips -- and learn how to avoid common mistakes that can slow you down.

  • SaaS ERP for manufacturers: Top 10 things to consider

    Is SaaS ERP a viable option for manufacturers? Learn about SaaS ERP pros and cons and key evaluation criteria in this podcast with Forrester's Ray Wang.

  • Performance management expert shares CPM trends and software implementation advice

    Learn five key principles for corporate performance management (CPM), get software implementation advice and hear notable CPM trends, from author and expert Bob Paladino.

  • Performance management trends, with Howard Dresner

    Howard Dresner explains corporate performance management, discusses trends and gives advice in this podcast.