ERP and supply chain management

In today's increasingly complex and global business landscape, supply chain management is an important differentiator for companies today. To help, this section on ERP and supply chain management provides expert advice on choosing and implementing supply chain management software, logistics software, analytics, and supply chain visibility technology, as well as planning for market demands and adhering to best practices.

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  • traceability

    Traceability, in supply chain traceability, is the ability to identify, track and trace elements of a product or substance as it moves along the supply chain from raw goods to finished products. Continue Reading

  • computer numerical control (CNC)

    Computer numerical control (CNC) is a method for automating control of machine tools through the use of software embedded in a microcomputer attached to the tool. Continue Reading

  • ERP (enterprise resource planning)

    ERP, or enterprise resource planning, is software designed to manage and integrate the functions of core business processes like finance, HR, supply chain and inventory management in a single system. Continue Reading

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