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A long-time foundation of back-end enterprise systems, ERP financials software remains an important piece of accurately reporting a company's bottom line. Let our editors and industry experts give you a tour through modern ERP financial management systems, with a focus on accounting, analytics, procurement, compliance and corporate performance management.

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  • supply chain finance

    Supply chain finance is a set of technology-enabled business and financial processes that provides flexible payment options for a buyer and one of their suppliers at lower financing costs. Continue Reading

  • ERP (enterprise resource planning)

    ERP, or enterprise resource planning, is software designed to manage and integrate the functions of core business processes like finance, HR, supply chain and inventory management in a single system. Continue Reading

  • e-procurement (supplier exchange)

    Electronic procurement, also known as e-procurement or supplier exchange, is the process of requisitioning, ordering and purchasing goods and services online. Continue Reading

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