ERP software selection and implementation

ERP software selection and implementation options have increased noticeably as the cloud gains greater acceptance from companies -- and as small- and medium-sized businesses demand more from ERP software providers. Check out the latest news and read expert suggestions about ERP integration best practices. Also, independent case studies provide lessons learned from peers.

ERP software selection and implementation News

  • November 30, 2021 30 Nov'21

    Syspro focuses on hybrid ERP to fuel growth

    In this Q&A, Syspro's Scott Hebert explains why the company is walking the line between pure cloud and on-premises ERP for its manufacturing and distribution customer base.

  • October 15, 2021 15 Oct'21

    Shopify opens e-commerce platform to enterprise ERP vendors

    Shopify's new Global ERP Program takes steps to attract larger enterprises, but the transition won't be easy, as large ERP systems are far more complex than those of Shopify's SMB base.

  • October 08, 2021 08 Oct'21

    Top ERP systems need ability to deliver as well as tech

    Panorama Consulting Group's '2022 Top 10 ERP Systems' report focuses on function set, technology, usability and ability to deliver on implementation, support and services.

  • September 30, 2021 30 Sep'21

    The future of Epicor ERP is cloud

    In this Q&A, Epicor's Himanshu Palsule discusses how the vendor has embraced the cloud, its strategy to expand its product portfolio and its push to broaden its global presence.

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