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IT Challenge: Preparing for warehouse robotics

In this IT Challenge, learn how to prepare a manufacturing facility for adoption of warehouse robotics.

The IT Challenge of the Month for February 2013:

My company is exploring the idea of adding robotics to our warehouse for automated material handling and picking. Can you offer any advice for examining our robot readiness? Are there any specific areas of our business we should be looking at before making that switch?

Do you have a solution to this challenge? Have you encountered a similar issue at your business? If so, please contact the editors and share your suggestions or experiences. 

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From industry expert and author Steve Phillips:

While many of the warehouse redesign efforts occur during the implementation of an automated material handling systems, early preparation in the areas of product and location identification and labeling, warehouse space planning and internal network bandwidth, as well as getting employees in the warehouse involved with the change as early as possible, all help avoid headaches and delays later on. 

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